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    Kendall Motor Oil

    Petroleum Service Company has a Kendall specific site that includes shipping for Oil, ATF, etc. <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Case of GT-1 Max Full Syn 5w20 is $59.41 shipped. I order a case back in October for $51 and change...
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    Cost effective 0w20 in single quarts

    Kendall GT-1 Max 0w-20 Case of 12 1 Qt bottles - $51.85 shipped - $4.32 / qt <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Not the cheapest but quality and...
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    '11 Kia Sorento | 3,200 miles | 5w20 |

    The OP can confirm but I think the '11 2.4L is non-GDI. That will make a difference in the fuel dilution numbers and 5W-20 should be fine.