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    Tools and maintenance for cross-country drive?

    Hi there -- As mentioned before, I'll be doing a cross country drive in my 09 Fit Sport from Atlanta to SoCal shortly after Labor Day. All of my possessions will be in the back (edit: not bag...). Decided against the roof rack or rear mounted storage back. Here are the auto repair related...
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    Cargo roof rack options for Honda Fit?

    Hi there -- As part of big changes in my life, I will be driving my beloved Honda Fit from Atlanta to Southern California. The plan is to fill the Fit with as much as I can and that will be it. Won't be shipping stuff via movers, won't be hauling the Fit behind a UHaul, won't be mailing stuff...
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    Fit's A/C blows cool, cold, cool, cold...

    Since it's summer where I live, I've been using the A/C quite a bit when I drive. I noticed for a long time that in my Honda Fit, the A/C will blow relatively cool air for about 30 seconds, followed by very nice cold air for about 10 seconds. Then the cycle will repeat. Cool, cold, cool, cold...
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    Does Fix-A-Flat expire?

    I'm talking about the compressed air/sealant mixture in an aerosol bottle. If it makes any difference, it's the actual Fix-A-Flat brand, large tire version. I bought this about 3 or 4 years ago. Did a search and read the FAQs on their website and still have no real answer. Thanks.
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    Anyone have classic Pennzoil Ultra SN stashed?

    I remember when it went on sale at WM first for $21.00 for a jug, then lower, then lower. I think the lowest I paid for it was $12.00 for 5 qts. I've still got 2 jugs left so that's almost 3 changes for my Fit - will have to add a spare qt or so to make 3. Just look at that TBN, that NOACK...
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    Replaced spark plugs on 09 Fit (pics)

    Pics here : <a href="" target="_blank"></a> These were the original plugs for my 2009 Honda Fit Sport. Pulled them out today and replaced them with the same brand/model (NGK Laser Iridium). There were 105k miles on these plugs. There was nothing...
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    Upping oil performance w/crumpled graphene balls

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a> "In a series of tests, oil modified with crumpled graphene balls outperformed some commercial lubricants by 15 percent, both in terms of...
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    Missed maint codes on Honda Fit OLM/MM

    My problem is in relation to the 2009 Honda Fit Sport MT in my signature. As with most?/all? recent Honda automobiles, there is a digital OLM/MM which counts down from 100 percent down to 0. When it reaches 15 or 20%, it displays a maintenance code -- a letter (A B or C I think) followed by 1...
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    Pics of cut open PL24651/PL14610s - any interest?

    Let me start out by saying I haven't read or posted much in the last year or so. When I last read the board regularly in mid 2014, there was a heated debate over the integrity and construction of Purolator filters. It was the Tearolator crowd vs the Orange Can of Death folks. A very heated...
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    Valv NextGen 5w-20, 7750 mi, 05 Ford Taurus 24v V6

    <ul style="list-style-type: disc"><li> Sample taken at OC.</li><li> This oil was about half 5w-20 and half 5w-30, based on what I had on hand. All was Valvoline NG Maxlife. New fill is NextGen (not Maxlife) and all 5w-20.</li><li> Filter used was a PureOne (not sure of the model...
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    5w-20 Pennzoil Ultra, 9278 mi, 09 Honda Fit Sport

    <ul style="list-style-type: disc"><li> Sample taken at OC</li><li> The oil used was the old formulation of Pennzoil Ultra which was discontinued over a year ago. Not sure exactly when. I have about 2 more OC's worth of it.</li><li> Filter used was PureOne PL14610 replaced with a Fram ToughGuard...
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    Handy tip to help deal with any CEL problem

    <img src="" class="post-image" align="left" alt="" />
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    Dodge warning customers against its own dealers(!)

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Dodge said the dealers are possibly doing something unethical and illegal. The car company said a "small number" of dealers are taking...
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    Consequences of overfilling Ford AX4N after flush?

    Hi there - Yesterday, I performed my first trans flush and pan drop on my 2005 Ford Taurus SEL - 3.0 Duratec V6 with AX4N trans. For some background, here are the steps I performed. - Disconnected trans cooler return line, added extra tubing and clamped it to side of a big bucket. - Started...
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    3 wks w/o Motor Oil on AutoZone website. W.T.H?

    At first, around New Years, all the oil would show up with a N/A price. Now the whole Motor Oil section is gone. What in Bob's name is going on over there? Anyone know? (Apologies if this is a repeat thread)
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    Porsche 911 Engine Assembly line video

    More engine video porn for those who can't get enough. Frankly, I was surprised at how much manual labor was involved. I thought it would be mostly automated. <div class="video-container"><iframe frameborder="0" width="640" height="360" src=""...
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    Time to brine the turkey!

    In a few minutes, I'll be getting the turkey out of the fridge and soak it overnight in a 5 gallon bucket of brine to prepare it for tomorrow's feast. I just use kosher salt and water. I know some people add spices, fruit, etc to their brining solution. Anyone got any tried and true recipes for...
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    Havoline SL 10w-40 - what good will it do me?

    Deep in the darkest recesses of my garage, I found 2 qts of Havoline 10w-40. They are approximately 10 years old, API SL designation. I think my wife bought these and kept them in her old Escape for emergency purposes before she met me. Bottle looks more or less like this (just 10w-40 instead)...
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    Acceptable loss rate for PS fluid?

    I checked my power steering fluid today and it was significantly low. The level in the translucent plastic reservoir was well below the "minimum" line and it took about 6 oz. (half a bottle) to fill it to the right level. I should add that I checked it after a drive so the engine and fluids were...
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    Puro classic L24651 cut open. Torn?? Read and see!

    Purchased this filter a long time ago - maybe 2 years. Put it on the Taurus in Sept 2013. Ran it for 11 months/7500 miles. Blackstone UOA for this run is <a href=",_75#Post3474154"...