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    How hard is working at autozone?

    Hello, I'm very happy because i just got hired at autozone. It's my very first job and i'm worried about not doing well my tasks. i've never worked before My mechanical knowledge is more than average, i'm an automotive technician, but it's my first time working in a store. Does anyone here...
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    Quaker State Green bottle question

    hello, I found a sealed 12 pack of quaker state green bottle in the trunk of a wrecked car at the junk yard. I bought the case for 10 bucks. The oil appears to be made in 2011, the bottom of the quarts says "21MAY12"... Is this oil safe to use? is it expired?... <a...
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    Eclipse automatic transmission slipping?

    hello, I have a 2000 mitsubishi eclipse v6 with automaitc transmission and 95,000 miles...Like 4 months ago the transmission started to slip very badly from 2nd to 3rd. So i bought a remanufactured transmission. I decided to have some fun with the old transmission right before replacing the...
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    Spark plug wire keeps popping off.

    hello, I drive a 2000 mitsubishi eclipse with the V6 engine... The spark plug wire on cylinder #5 keeps pooping out from the spark plug, the wire fits tight in the spark plug but it keeps popping off every 5 minutes of driving. I replaced the spark plug and the problem persists. any idea what...
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    Help with oil leak that i can't fix

    hello I have a 2000 eclipse gt with the v6 engine. I've been dealing with an oil leak from the rear valve cover since november 2012...I've replaced the gasket 2 times,added permatex ultra black, and i had no luck fixing the leak. I'm very frustrated because the oil gets on the exhaust manifold...
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    My new timing belt dosen't look so new anymore.

    Hello, Is it normal for a timing belt to look worn shortly after being installed on the car? I replaced my timing belt 1 month ago,and it already looks as worn as the old one. It's been only 250 miles since i installed this belt. Here are some pictures: <a...
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    Castrol Transmax IMV OCI

    Hello, I have a 2000 mitsubishi eclipse. A few months ago i replaced the ATF for the first time at 90,000 miles (previous owner neglected the transmission). Everything went fine with castrol impor multi vehicle. I just want to know if this oil is capable of 30,000 miles like the SPIII oem...
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    crankshaft pulley bolt question

    Hello, Looking at the timing belt installation instructions, it mentions putting engine oil on the crankshaft pulley bolt before reinstalling it. whats the function of engine oil in that bolt? I'm asking this because i replaced my timing belt a few weeks ago and i forgot to put engine oil on...
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    2006 Mazda 3 2.3L help with electrical problems

    Hello, I'm dealing with some troubles with my friend's 2006 mazda 3. The car randomly stalls and it acts like the battery is dead. It's like the alternator is having troubles charging the battery. The battery shows 13.80v with the engine this ok?... It looks kinda low to me,my...
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    EGR system cleaning question

    Hello, If i clean my EGR valve and EGR passages. may i see any gain in MPG or performance? I drive a 2000 mitsubishi eclipse v6.... the EGR passages and valve are in a very hard to reach position. I've owned this car for 5 years and i never cleaned anything related to the EGR system. Is it...
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    Help with relay problems

    hello, I need help. I have a 2000 mitsubishi eclipse v6. Like 1 year ago my MFI relay went bad. The car intermitenlty stalls when i was driving. I replaced that relay after dealing with this problem for months, because it was a pain in the a*s to find the problem. So I replaced that relay and...
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    Harbor Freight torque wrench Fail.

    Hello, I have a 2000 mitsubishi eclipse with the 3.0L v6 engine. I had a small leak on the valve cover of the rear head (you have to take out the intake manifold in order to access to the rear head. It is a real pain in the a s s to remove the intake manifold in this car. I spend 5 hours doing...
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    Help with timing belt Eclipse V6

    Hello I own a 2000 mitsubishi eclipse with the 3.0L V6 engine. The car have 90,000 miles on it, and i'm pretty sure the timing belt has never been changed. I'm very worried about the timing belt because it is an interference engine (that's what i have read on the internet). I'm going to attempt...
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    I need help tih my car battery

    Hello, i have a 2000 mitsubishi eclipse, with a 2 years old everstart battery from walmart. It's having some troubles,if i let the car sit for 2 or 3 days,the battery it's unable to start the car,it cranks very slowly,not enough to start the engine. It's like the battery dosen't hold charge for...
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    Can i use Pentosin CHF 11s on a mitsubishi eclipse

    hello, My owners manual asks for ATF dexron ii as a power steering fluid. I found locally german pentosin CHF 11s for only $6.00 bucks. Can i use it in my 2000 mitsubishi eclipse ?
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    How tight should car battery terminals be?

    hello, I cleaned my battery terminals today and i tight them very hard. i just want to know if they should be very tight? the car is a 2000 mitsubishi eclipse, it have the terminals on the top of the battery.
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    94-99 toyota celica,any good?

    hello, 10 years ago my brother used to have a white 94 celica gt(back then i was only 13 years old). And i loved that car,it was very comfortable and that dashboard was awesome. I currently drive a 2000 eclipse gt. I'm looking for a 94-99 celica in good shape. I just want to know if this car...
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    cracked distributor cap

    Hello, i was doing some manteinance on my car,and i removed the distributor cap to clean the contacts with a wire brush, i noticed a crack on the inside of the cap,the crack is like 1 inch long..Should i replace the distributor cap? thanks. Also the rotor looks very rusty but the car starts...
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    Dial caliper question

    Hello, I need a dial caliper to measure simple car stuff like brake rotors and things like that. If you have to choose between a digital or analog dial caliper wich one would you take? thanks
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    Gas cap question

    Hello, If i don't drive my car for a week,the car mysteriously consumes 1/4 of gas just for being parked!!!. I noticed a slightly fuel smell if i open the gas door. Is it possibly that my gas cap is not sealing?..Is there any test for it? Also my MPG are very very bad even after new 4 oxygen...