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    Does anyone make a quality battery anymore?

    Might be worth testing charging voltage. Try before starting and after running for a bit. If it's high it could cause cell failure, AGM's don't like being cooked, there's not much to cook away.
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    Does a dirty air filter equal oil consumption?

    I used to live a rural area and once found a nest in my air filter. I took a piece of leftover hardware cloth and formed it around the air intake. Still there and no more nests. Cheap enough, took a minute or so, mostly to find the piece to use.
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    WIX 51356 size changed

    To all those who replied constructively, thank you.
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    WIX 51356 size changed

    OP here. I have been using this number of filter for over ten years, 04 Element, first as NAPA Gold/Silver because I didn't know about WIX, then NAPA jacked prices and a helpful counter guy told me about how it's really a WIX so I started buying them instead. I just found out about the 57356...
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    WIX 51356 size changed

    Just tried to take a WIX bought at OReilly off, filter cap wrench slipping. Backup cap wrench did also. Ended up upside down from top with x-large pump pliers. I put the one I just bought on so I can drive, live way out of town. I think that's it for WIX and me. Threads were [censored] when...