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    Most reliable diesel pick up?

    I just don't know a whole lot about Powerstroke/Duramax/Cummins. I did hear that one of the Powerstrokes in the last 8-10 years was prone to bad injectors, but that's about it. I would love to have one if I can justify it, but was just curious to see if anyone has any stories, good or bad...
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    2006 Kia Sorento

    So the Mustang was totaled Wednesday morning (no injuries) and we went car shopping today. The wife found a 06 Sorento that seems pretty solid, and I looked it over and all looks good. I don't know a whole lot about them but what I did hear was good. Everyone just says to stay 2005 and newer...
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    Valve/lifter tick

    The Mighty Max has had a tick for the whole time I've had it, which has only been about 6 months. It comes and goes and doesn't seem affected by oil viscosity. I changed the oil last night and it has gotten worse. I'm not saying it was the oil, as it is usually always worse for the first 100...
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    Syn OCI

    I've been trying to overcome over changing my oil for a while, and I think I will finally give it a try. I will be using M1 or PP, 2006 Mustang V6, 152,xxx miles. Leaks/burns no oil between 4k-5k oci's. 90% city driving. Without doing a Uoa, how far would you guys run it? It has seemed fairly...
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    Havoline conventional

    My Walmart has Havoline conventional for $13.24 for 5 quarts... Making it only 50 cents more than supertech. I can't find a current pds that specifies Wss-m29c-929 that my car recommends though. I've heard great things about Havoline, and this stuff is dirt cheap. Any harm in using it? How...
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    Castrol edge w/titanium

    Saw this at Walmart last night....are they using Titaniam in the black bottles too now? The bottle didn't say "formerly syntec" on it either
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    overfilled oil

    So my wife told me last night that her dad told her something but didn't want me to feel bad. I changed his oil in his 97 Nissan hard body a few months ago and apparently something happened to it...I wasn't supposed to know so I can't really ask. Whatever shop he had it fixed at told him it was...
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    What a horrible experience.....

    So my son was sitting in the back seat of my Mustang a few weeks ago and when he got out, his butt was wet from the I started poking around on the mustang forums to see if this was a common problem with the convertibles. It turns out that there is a drain in the panel behind the door...
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    Oil specs

    I'm not new to this by any means, but I'm trying to figure out which numbers best represent cold starting thickness. For example, the 40 degree C for Castrol 0w40 is 79, which is lower than most 40 weights, but higher than most 30 weights...but the Ccs at -35 C is still 5900 iirc, which is in...
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    Radiator stop leak

    Hey Guys, I know the general consensus on additives on this forum, but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask. The mustang has a small crack in the plastic part of the radiator, only leaking about 1/2 quart every couple weeks, so it's not that bad yet. Are there any reputable stop leak products? Do...
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    Pennzoil going soft?

    Is it just me or do the most recent Pennzoil uoa's seem to have less stout add packs? From all of the ones I've seen, they usually have atleast 2400 ppm calcium for PYB and 2500-2800 for Platinum and Ultra...thoughts...
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    Rotella 15w40 in an oil burner/leaker

    Hey guys, I have a 94 Mighty Max that I acquired recently and it seems to be going through a quart every 800-1000 miles...meaning I would have to buy 2 jugs of oil for one OCI, which seems ridiculous. I've been running 5w30 HM in it and was considering going thicker, maybe 10w40 or depending on...
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    Castrol HM

    Looking for a UOA for Castrol HM that's not 8 years old...searched and the most recent one was from 2006, anyone have or know of a more recent one?
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    Royal Purple 75w90

    I just picked up an early 90's Mitsubishi Mighty Max with a 5 speed and looking to change the trans fluid. Requires 75w90 GL4. Seems as though I have limited options, and I'm trying to find something locally. RP bottle states that it meets GL4 and GL5 and is safe for yellow metals and synchros...
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    Looking for a 4x4

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a 4x4 truck or SUV in around the $6000 range. Just wondering which vehicles are known to have the most reliable 4wd systems...any help is greatly appreciated
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    0w20 vs 5w20

    At my shop, alot of our customers with newer hondas, toyotas, mazdas, and nissans that require 0w20 are just too cheap to use the proper grade oil, even though we carry Connoco Phillips blend as well as PP they opt for PYB 5w20 instead, against my advice. I have my own opinions on...
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    Where do people get this stuff???

    So I was searching to see if they're was a newer oil spec than Ford WSS-M2C945-A for 2014 mustangs (btw, there isn't) and came across All these guys with 2010-2013 V6 Mustangs were warning their new guys to NEVER put "regular" oil in their cars because it would increase...
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    Got a package from Mobil

    <img src="" alt="" /> New to uploading to this site so I hope it works. Got this in the mail today, still havent heard or seen anything from Pennzoil in 2 months. I still thought this was pretty cool of EM to send this out.
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    less expensive convetionals

    So money is a little tight while coming up on my next oil change, and since they seem to be direct competitors as far as price, I'm looking at Havoline, QSGB, and MS5K. All between $13-$14.50 per 5qt jug. Mostly short trips (10 miles round trip per day). This will be going in my 4.0 mustang in...
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    Castrol Edge Extended Performance....

    I was at Walmart today and noticed they have new bottles of Edge Titanium (gold bottle) and they're labeled Extended Performance and are boasting a 15,000 mile interval again...anyone else seen this? I should've taken a pic.