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    Replacing Sway Bar bushings

    When replacing facotory sway bar bushings with; for example Fed MOOG blue thermoplastic bushings, spread a little silicone disk brake grease on the bar first. Do not use petroleum based grease. This advice is per MOOG tech today. 52pu
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    1954 Plymouth Savoy rear diff

    Need gear oil recommendation for this car. Has anyone made the switch to synthetic in something this old. Currently has the old 90 weight stinky gear lube.
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    5w50 synthetic?

    Who makes a good 5w50 synthetic? Amsoil hasn't yet and tech did not give me any hope. 52pu
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    10w40 Amsoil & 66 Mustang 289ci engine analysis

    Bob, Just recently bought a 66 mustang with the stock 298 ci v8 with 86144 miles. From all indications the pan or heads have never been off. Did my oil change to Amsoil 10w40 and with about 25 miles on the oil pulled a sample for analysis with Analysts, Inc. Their results are as follows in...