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    2014 Dodge Charger SXT - 3.6 Pentastar

    Good morning, everyone! My fiance and I just bought a brand new Rallye edition SXT Charger on Saturday. This is the first new car I've ever had, and I want to make sure that it lasts for 10 years or more without major issues. I've been loving it so far: the 300 horsepower and 30 MPG make it a...
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    BEST oil for 1994 Jeep XJ Cherokee

    Well, BITOGers, I suppose you know the drill. I want a highly-recommended oil for my old Jeep, and I also want some answers about the dreaded "stuff I heard" on the errornet. Vehicle Information: 1994 Jeep XJ Cherokee Chrysler/AMC 4.0 liter L6 Aisin AX15 5-Speed Manual Transmission 217,000...