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    Best 5W50 oil for Tuff Torque K46 transaxle?

    I am restoring an old lawn tractor that has sat for a while. One of my plans is to change out the transmission fluid once I get the engine running right. It seems that a 5W50 synthetic is suggested. Anyone have a good suggestion for the best brand or variety of oil for this application?
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    Best air cooled engine oil for mowers and the like

    I was curious if anyone has done a scientific analysis of oil in small engines. I have overhead valve as well as the old style flat head type engines. I have been running Rotella T6 in my riding mowers with the Kohler Command and they seem to do very well on this oil. I run them hard and...
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    Any suggestions for 0W20 oil?

    This grade of oil seems so thin but is what the new car calls for. Does anyone here have any experience with these oils or scientific analysis of any that stand out from the rest? I have already been told to use the Mobil 1 product for the combination of price vs. quality. Any others that you...
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    Kohler engine likes to burn oil as much as gas.

    I have a Kohler Courage 25HP engine in my riding mower and don't have a lot good to say about it. The most recent issue is that I burned through 5 quarts of 10W30 over the course of mowing my yard. I decided to check as it had started smoking and blowing a fog of oil all over and it was a...
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    Question about store brand oil, mainly synthetics

    I have been looking into using store brand oils to save money and would still prefer to go with synthetic. Most store brands I have looked into are made by Coastal/Warren Oil. This includes Autozone, O'Reilly, and Wal-Mart Supertech. The Coastal brand of full synthetic meets the GM Dexos1...