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    Good oil to use in my 2012 328i 2.0L DI turbo?

    Hi folks, I just picked up a slightly used BMW 2012 328i with the 2.0L turbo four. It has had a single oil change (@ 15k, ug) using the BMW oil. I was thinking of using one of these two oils on a 7500 mile OCI. Any thoughts? <a...
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    Oil recommendation for Chevy LS3?

    Howdy, I just bought a new Corvette GS with the dry sump LS3 6.2l and would like some input on which oil to use. It has under 2k miles on it and I've already done a few oil changes (don't get started, I know I'm nuts <img src="/forums/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="grin" title="grin" height="15"...