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    Mitsubishi best selling brand in NZ

    I find it strange the bad rep Mitsubishi gets on this site....they obviously don't sell well in the USA. But last month Mitsubishi had the highest vehicle sales in New Zealand. 4 of the top 15 sellers were Mitsubishi. Where are Honda ?
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    Urban Possum Hunter

    I know someone who used to do this in Auckland 20 years or so ago.
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    Honda Airwave.

    Last year my wife got a Honda Stream, after 50 years of no Honda cars in our life, and the other day I picked up a Honda Airwave. So now we have 2. The Airwave is a Fit station wagon. The rest of the world has the Honda Jazz, normally with a 1.3 and a 1.5 option, in Japan and the US they are the...
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    KTM 1290 Super Adventure R

    Well, just an excuse for some Kiwi input. He rides these big bikes like they are 250's, crazy talent. These are the seal and gravel roads I ride...and when I were young, the off road too. I used to ride trials with his father, or he was at the same trials I was. On the low key social Twinshock...
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    NZ trucks on Mt Messenger.

    For those interested, a video of trucks going over Mt Messenger in New Zealand - what rigs we use. More axles, more COE, 4 axle trailers, 4 axle trucks, B Trains, trucks from every manufacturer. I used to go that way in the '70's, not so much these days...I go by more torturous roads on my...
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    America's Cup.

    And finally we are under way ! First couple of races in the Prada Cup today...that's the knock out challenger rounds. For those of us watching, these races were a big surprise. Skip to 6 minutes before anything happens. There is an American commentator for those who need it.
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    World's Best Adventure Ride.

    No, I'm not on this ride...although I have been on some of these roads many years ago. But it's pretty much like the roads I ride all the time in my area. I've been riding these sorts of roads all my life, and it's pretty hard to give them up for smooth straight boring roads. Getting harder to...
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    Wife jumps into a Stream.

    My wife got a 2007 Honda Stream a couple of weeks ago. These are an Asian market only MPV based on the Civic, with the R20A engine and a CVT. We didn't really want a CVT, but every car we looked at had one, so that's what we got. These used imports have radios that don't work on our frequencies...
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    Wurth 3/8 stubby.

    I don't use a normal 3/8 ratchet, I use my SK flexhead sparkplug ratchet - it's long for breaking tight bolts and gives good feel for tightening, flip it up and it will spin faster than an air ratchet. A standard ratchet just ends up at home. So the Wurth rep comes in a couple of months ago...
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    Mitsubishi filter @ 40,000km +

    My last filter autopsy got killed, I hope the sensitive types can cope with this one. I used to cut open Mitsubishi filters when I worked at the dealership, and thought they were good quality, but have never seen one with cardboard end caps. There is a hole in it and some some debris on the...