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    BG MOA Videos

    The oil i use has been doing a good enough job for 200,000 in several vehicles.Go out and buy a case of it then youd be better off donating the money to charity.Keyword being "appears".
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    BG MOA Videos

    If you use good oil why would i need it? and what purpose would it serve? I wouldnt use it in my lawnmower if they gave it to me.
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    BG MOA Videos

    Its a bunch of [censored] snakeoil...That motor could be built so loose and have coated bearings etc and it would run that long.Its all marketing to me.
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    OLD 427 Chevy need help better cranking

    A stock starter and a 11.1 engine is some of it.If it where my engine i would run T-6 5w40 or even mobil 0w40.I am fairly certain they have enough zinc i wouldnt run anything less than 1200ppm.If you want dino use VR1 but its not for long OCI.
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    OLD 427 Chevy need help better cranking

    How much lift does the cam have ? Is it solid or hyd?
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    Prius 60k Service

    I would be [censored] if I had a 2011 anything and had to put struts on it.I think the brake fluid is a waste of time and possibly the coolant as well.
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    MMO in transmission

    Or you could take $30.00 and throw it in the fireplace.
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    MMO in transmission

    I think your asking for trouble pouring stuff like that in your trans or anywhere else.
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    Advanced Auto Parts bad service

    Someone said they price match with Rock Auto so you would be ahead with no shipping.I am not so sure they do this or if its online and in stores does anyone know for sure? We have a small shop and we wont deal with them at all they never have anything and are idiots.
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    refurbished laptop, take 2

    Shop around you can find a deal like that every week in best buy,staples,office depot etc.I found a asus with 6 gb and intel i3 with 640HD for under 400.00 it was a display on closeout.
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    1980 kawasaki 440

    Those bikes are pretty simple I would check for spark first.Its possible the kill switch stayed on somehow.Then check to see if its getting fuel.
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    Techron or Gumout AIO? Help me decide.

    A couple weeks ago O'reillys had techron for 3.99.I think the gumout is cheaper at WM than 6.99.You could buy redline and probably use less 1/3 or even 1/4 of a bottle it has more active ingredients its 10.95 at amazon.
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    How to select correct oil

    If your trying to clean the engine with oil only PYB is your best bet.What year is your Camry ? I doubt you need to be concerned about zinc levels in that vehicle at all.I am not familair with what is available to you so maybe others can help you out.
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    1997 Olds with Dexcool

    A stealership tech go figure.You honestly believe the gaskets cause the oily residue left behind and not the dexcool?
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    cascade dish detergent coolant flush?

    That brown residue you know that the gaskets caused that not the dexcool right LOL!!!!
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    1997 Olds with Dexcool

    Put it in your SRT then ! Do the gaskets cause the oily residue thats coated in the coolings systems and overflow bottles? There are some ignorant people on this site!BTW where are you a technician at ?
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    HDEO in Older Cadillacs

    If any of those motors need 15w40 to keep the oil light off they need bearings
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    HDEO in Older Cadillacs

    I wouldnt run anything thicker than 10w30 just not needed, I would run 5w30 myself.STP filters are OK there are a lot better filters for the same money or a couple dollars more.Castrol GTX is a good oil I have had good luck with it.You could use HDEO if youd like with no issues.
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    1978 Volare Wagon Slant Six Oil

    I wouldnt use anything thicker than 10w30.If it where mine I would use 5w30 the engine specs for 10w30 but that is the old way of thinking.90% of wear is on start up so if you use 5w30 you have less start up wear and its the same viscosity at temp.If that isnt enough look at the car makers back...