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    AAMCO in dc

    I fear for my work truck right now. It's under our companies Enterprise fleet program and they had it sent to this AAMCO that was nearby the area my tire blew out. I handed the keys over and ten minutes later the guy turns to me and asks "the keys are in the truck, right?" He just drove the...
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    Gas pump wouldn't fill my car.

    I tried filling up my Thunderbird this morning. I couldn't get the pump to put in more than 11 out of 22 gallons, it just kept cutting off like it was full. Any suggestions or experience with this would help. I dropped the tank last year and cleaned it out and I also out new gaskets on. I...
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    Fram CA5057 air filter discontinued?

    I've always been a fan of the frame air filters.. I own a 1988 Ford Thunderbird and on my recent trip to Walmart to pick one up I noticed they are no longer on the shelf. I went to their website and bought them out on clearance, they had 6 left. I emailed Fram but was curious if anyone knew...
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    New Radiator Leaking...

    I finally bought a new radiator for my Dodge Ram as the old one has been leaking for almost a year now. So I get the new radiator in the car hook up the reservoir, PS Radiator, and ATF Radiator as it's all mounted to the main radiator. After everything is hooked up I had my wife sit in the...
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    Amsoil at 7-11

    I was at 7-11 about an hour ago and decided to glance at the oil they had on the shelf. There were a few rows of the usually name brand oil on the shelf and the whole bottom shelf was lined with Amsoil OE,XL, and signature as well as some ATF fluid and other products. The price on the bottles...
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    Gas Tank Overfilled

    I went to a gas station today that I normally do not go to, however I decided to try it anyway since the station had just been remodeled with new pumps and everything. So basically while I was there the cut off on the pump never kicked in, I spilled about a half gallon or so on to the ground...
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    Service Champ Filter Failure CF5830

    Just wanted to share an experience my Dad recently had with his Mini Cooper S. So my Dad has been taking his Mini to a reputable Goodyear shop in Gainesville Va and getting his oil changed with Mobil 1 oil. This last oil change was about 2000 miles ago and his car started running really funky...
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    Valvoline Oil Filter VO-107

    I found a deal where I can get a case of 12 valvoline filters for $2.09 a piece shipped. Are these decent filters? If so, I may grab some. <img src="" alt="" />
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    Found Old Oil On Shelf

    I was doing some cleaning up and found some old oil on a shelf in my garage, I don't know exactly how old it is. Is there any way to tell? There are like 10 of the Valvoline bottles (mostly the one in the center of the picture) and 5 of the MotorCraft bottles. Would these still be good? <img...
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    AC PF2

    I found this old DuraGuard PF2 filter in my garage. I think it is at least 20 years old considering that I was told it was purchased for a 1972 Ford Truck. I use FL1A filters on my truck is this the same size? Is it a good filter? Would you guys still use it? <img...
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    How did Thunderbird get nickname Thunderchicken?

    I have heard many people call Ford Thunderbirds "ThunderChickens" no matter the year, I was just curious if anyone knew how this came about. I get that chickens are birds and what not, but there has to be a better reason.
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    88 Ford Thunderbird Fuel Pressure Issue?

    I recently acquired a 1988 Ford Thunderbird with a 3.8l v6 with 65,000 miles from my wife's grandparents. Upon receiving the vehicle, it had not been started for at least 2 years (that we know of) and it would crank but never start. So, after seeing that it would not start I replaced the spark...