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    Synthetic for winter?

    Hi All, I've heard of some guys switching to synthetic in the cold weather for the better flow characteristics at start up. Just wondering if anyone has actually proved less wear with a synthetic vs conventional by doing a UOA? I'm more curious when temps are in the -5 to -10 celsius range. I...
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    Wear rates in duramax vs cummins vs powerstroke

    Anyone know which of these engines has the best wear rates? Perhaps there is no appreciable difference between the three. May also be a difference between newer vs older models given the different emissions strategies employed. Just curious.
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    "High" Potassium in 04.5+ dodge cummins

    Hi Folks, Just had a UOA done which showed Potassium at 17. Sodium was just average at 3. Silicon at less than average at 2. Boron less than half of average at 32. Blackstone indicated that elevated potassium can indicate coolant in the oil, but said it is typically accompanied by sodium. This...