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    Tiburon @ 200,000mi oil consumption

    I saw reduced oil consumption once in a 4 cylinder gm ecotec engine by using conventional Formula Shell 5W30. I only used that oil once before the car died. Could have been a fluke but that oil is cheap.
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    Not a unicorn, but these can't be that common...

    In my neck of the woods, a used car with manual transmission goes for way less than an automatic, not many people can drive a stick anymore.
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    Plug change: better MPG placebo effect?

    Unless you noticed a problem with the old plugs [occasional misfire], then I say increased gas mileage is highly unlikely.
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    What does it mean when this light comes on?

    Just slam the hood and go on with your day. Life is to short to sweat the little things.
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    Kirkland syn 5w-30. 4,507 miles. 2010 Chevrolet Traverse 3.6 DI.

    I would definitely extend the oil change a couple thousand miles. You are adding a little oil and driving more highway. This is easy on the oil. Save yourself some time and money.
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    Post Your Latest CAF Change!

    I have a couple of Elantras, just checked the cabin air filters. removed reverse vacuumed them and re-installed. Took about 30 minutes in total. I don't see the need to change the filter if they still flow enough air. A slightly dirty filter removes more particles from the air and doesn't hurt...
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    Warning about SuperTech MP3614

    The gasket sits very high on the ST filter. Wrong gasket or doubled up? Is the ST filter not supposed to have an orange silicone ADBV? Looks orange down the center at the bottom but not up top.
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    Should your rpm be within spec when your timing is set?

    The 3.8 ford taurus uses an electronic idle air control valve to control idle speed. I can't see how a small variance in ignition timing can upset idle speed. The ECU should handle it just fine.
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    600k Kia went through 9 engines

    I find this hard to believe. This vehicle is driven 60,000 miles a year which would mean few cold starts and perhaps a lot of highway driving. Frequent servicing indicates proper maintenance. If these engines failed that often under circumstances like this, they wouldn't last 20,000 miles with...
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    Seeking banal opinions on engine air filter replacement

    Unless you are seeking performance, go at least as long as the owner's manual suggests.
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    A bad day at work and another frivolous law suit

    My daughter drives a 2011 manual car and it does not need to be in neutral to start the engine, only that you depress the clutch. You get used to this so you quickly jump into the car and depress the clutch, crank it up, and immediately let out the clutch. Some times a surprise is waiting for...
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    A bad day at work and another frivolous law suit

    Does this vehicle not have a neutral safety switch?
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    does anything in oil ever separate or settle out if oil sits for a long time?

    Additives can settle out synthetic motor oils more easily. See the disadvantages of synthetic motor oils in this article.
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    Echo 2 stroke oil / stalling leaf blower

    The fuel to oil ratio affects the fuel air ratio in the engine. A 20:1 fuel to oil ratio will burn leaner that a 50:! fuel to oil mix. Try mixing your fuel in the same ratio as the ready mix.
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    Oil puddling on stick after 2k miles, 11 months

    Before I store a car, I drive it for a good 30 minutes, get it good and hot to boil off any contaminants.
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    Big fuel economy drop after changing from synblend to full synthetic???

    There is some information out there to suggest that synthetic oil will reduce fuel mileage. If memory services me correctly it's due to some kind of temporary shearing of the oil in the bearings that occurs more with conventional oil. Honestly, you can't make this stuff up. Some fleet management...
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    Wix China black ADBV

    4 months ago I purchased a Wix 51334. Sticker says it's made in Mexico. I noticed the ATDBV was black and I wrote Wix to inquire about it. The response was the ATDBV was nitrile, not silicone.
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    Which Season is Harder on Oil : Winter vs. Summer ?

    I have 95 F humid traffic jams in summer and -20F cold starts in winter. I run the oil shorter intervals in winter and use a slightly thinner oil as well.
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    front crankshaft seal blows out instantly after valve cover gasket replace

    My understanding of PCV systems is this should never happen. There should be a vent hose [or fresh air hose] from the valve cover that runs from the valve cover to the a part of the intake plumbing between the throttle plate and air filter. This hose is normally unrestricted. In other words...