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    Optima Yellow Top or East Penn Deka?

    2003 Sequoia needs a new battery, picking it up tomorrow morning. Currently in the truck is a 9.5 year old Optima D31A but failed to start the other day (kids listening to music). I recharged with a CTEK charger made for AGM's. It's working but cranking slow so it's time. Correct size for truck...
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    $$ Value of used OPE?

    Friend is getting rid of some stuff with house being sold in a not happy split. Trying to get some approximate value. Short of the it's only worth what somebody wants to pay. All garaged stuff that looks like it was washed/waxed after every use. Doesn't want to CL advertise it. 2001 JD LTR166...
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    M1 HM (or MMO) conflict with Ceratec / M02S?

    Based on the many positives I’ve read here at BITOG, I bought 2 cans each of Ceratec and M02S. Is the Ceratec and M02S compatible? Will one keep the other from doing what it is supposed to do since Ceratec is every like 30k vs. every OIC on M02S? Any conflict with M1 HM? I’m thinking extra...
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    Do I need to clean with Kreen, MMO, ARX+?

    Currently I have an '07 Sonata 2.4L with 102k on it and an '03 Sequoia with 4.7L with 98K. Both vehicles have been on M1, PP and PU since about 3k miles of life. OCI's are at about 7500, filters have been Factory or PureOne. Currently neither burns or leaks oil. Both have had multiple UOA's that...
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    BG44K vs. KREEN for cleaning FI

    Probably covered many times but I couldn't find it. My past experience was with regular Techron vs. BG44K. Always used Techron 3-4 times/year never noticed any difference figured I was maintaining clean. Used BG44K after mechanic had done full BG treatment on a different vehicle getting rid of...