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    High Zinc/ Phos or high Moly?

    Harley sportster- in which the engine oil is separate from the transmission. No catalytic converter. Which would be a better additive in this engine? I'm currently using Pennzoil YB 20w50 dino (high moly count, low Zn/Phos) in the engine now but thinking about valvoline VR dino (high zinc/...
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    Harley fluids..What's yours?

    Pennzoil 20w-50 YB in the engine. <img src="" class="post-image" alt="" /> Mobil 1 gear oil in transmission. 2009 XR1200
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    late winter riding: am I using the right oil?

    I have a Harley sportster in which I'm running a mix of 50% Pennzoil 20w50 (conventional dino auto oil) and 50% Royal purple 20w-50 synthetic motorcycle oil. The oil has only about 1500miles on it and I thought I would wait until the early summer and then change the oil over to Valvoline at...
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    Harley/ motorcycle oil guys - quietest motor oil

    Thanks guys for the suggestions - but again I'm more interested in the oil's ability to dampen valve train noise.
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    Harley/ motorcycle oil guys - quietest motor oil

    I tried this concoction out: one part Kendall GT1 20w-50 (dino), another part 50w (dino). The valve train noise is actually significantly more softer now.
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    Harley/ motorcycle oil guys - quietest motor oil

    I’ve recently purchased a Harley sportster XR1200 (oil cooler+ oil cooled heads) and I changed the oil for the first time and used mobil1 20w-50 oil. Within a couple miles the valvetrain started getting louder, soon that sound turned into “marles rattling around in the heads “ sound. I...