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    Brakes squeak under light braking only.

    So I've had Wagner Thermoquiets on for a year and a half and 8k and for a while they have been squeaking under light braking. Noise is coming from the front disc brakes on a 2003 Sable. Nothing happens with heavier braking. Where should I start my investigation?
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    3 years possible on M1 filter

    Mobil "guarantee" their M1 filter for 15000 miles when used with fully synthetic oil. If I do 5k a year, do you see any issue leaving the filter on for 3 years?
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    Life of M1 0w40

    Over on the Mercedes forums there are some folks either working for Mercedes or with really good connections. They said that M1 0w40 was found by Mercedes to start showing it needed to be changes at the 13000 mile mark. This is of course a generalization but I presume it must be a conservative...
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    Going to do my own oil changes! Don't laugh!

    I've been increasing the car work that I do myself but with my trusted mechanic charging $15 - $25 for an oil change, it just didn't seem worth the trouble to DIY that in terms of getting under the car, clean up and disposal. However, he seems to have gotten busy and unresponsive and I wasn't...
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    Should I pull the trigger on Turanza Serenity Plus

    So I have a bit of a quandary here that only happens to BITOG types who try to over optimize everything. On my 2003 Sable my rear tires are at 4/32 but the right rear inner measurement at the lowest point is 2/32. The front tires are at 7/32. The tires I want next are Potenza Serenity Plus...
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    Another thing to check yourself - tire wear

    While I'm in the habit of checking over almost everything on my cars myself, I let the experts guide me on tires. So the Mercedes dealer reported in March that the tires could blow any minute. Not seeing it ourselves, my wife went to Discount Tire and asked them. They reported right rear at...
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    Treadwear Warranty & Pirelli

    I've just finished doing a lot of tire research. It looks like I'm going with Bridgestone RE970AS for the Merc and Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus for the Merc. But while looking, I paid special attention to treadwear warranties as I was not happy with tread life of the tires I was replacing...
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    CA Euro OCI with low sulphur fuel

    Given that CA has low sulphur fuel, could the Euro cars in CA follow European OCIs instead of US ones? Interestingly, UK service intervals for MB after 2007 are 15500 miles or one year whichever comes sooner. Whereas US is 10000 miles or one year whichever comes sooner.
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    2015 A3

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    Another thing going downhill - Cheerleading

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    My next Mercedes oil change

    Current fill is M1 0w40 with Mann filter. Oil choice between M1 0w40 and PU 5w40 (labelled SM but very new so could be SN?). Filter choice between Mann and M1.
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    Difference between Magnatec and Edge?

    Some Magnatec grades are full syn. What is the difference between them and Edge?
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    Best lab for transmission UOA

    Any thoughts on which lab provides the best analysis of used transmission oils?
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    Is it true that MB 229.5 is rated for 45k km?

    Wikipedia entry on motor oil says that 228.1 is 15k km, 228.3 is 30k km, 228.5 is 45k km and that the 229.x designation follows a similar rule.
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    Thick vs Thin Oil Qu

    All things being equal except oil, which engine will reach operating temperature faster, the one with 20 weight oil or the one with 40 weight oil? And why?
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    What should I look for next?

    I'm looking for advice on what to look at next in terms of maintenance. Over the last year or two, I have restored the power and fuel economy of my 2003 Sable Duratec that had a few years of exclusive short trips and non top tier fuel. Although oil was changed regularly, and through the fill...
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    Two informative articles on DI and Carbon Build Up

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    Pretty Unbelievable

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    Top Up or Change?

    2003 Sable Duratec Coming up to 5k miles / 11 months on QSUD 5w30 and Bosch Premium. Everything is running great. I had been intending to do yearly oci's but the oil is nowhere near being black and it's seen 70% highway trips of an hour at a time. The dipstick is showing perhaps half a quart...
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    Just received my first 6 pack of PU Euro 5w40

    Date code Sep 12 Says on the back that its designed for Ferrari & Maserati. I guess I'm going to have to get one of those now ......