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    SK continues to suck (ratchets)

    I've ranted on here about the new(ish) LP90 ratchets from SK. They were supposed to be US made and the next great thing from American manufacturing (or so I hoped). Ultimately LOTS of users were very disappointed in the mechanism, and I was one of them. My 3/8" flex head just liked to lock up...
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    Aftermarket/hot rod fuel gauges

    Who's good with hot rod apps? This fuel cell is installed in a '58 Apache. The existing sending unit appears to read ~53 ohms at approx 3/4 tank and if I pull the sender up (thus causing float to drop) as far as I can I see ~140 ohms No idea what this sending unit was intended for. I've found...
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    2014 Nissan Rogue P0300 - stumped

    2014 Rogue Select (=old body style apparently) with 2.5L, 134k miles Vehicle stalled at a stop the other day. According to owner it "revved" then sputtered and died. Vehicle would ALWAYS restart but stall within seconds. In the course of troubleshooting I found if I kept it 2-3k rpm it would...
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    Allison 1000 - P0847

    I need to address this '08 GMC/LMM/Ally 1000. Present mileage is around 140k Symptoms are essentially limp mode and a P0847.....which reads as Circuit B in my Autel (this code seems a bit tricky as in earlier years it was seemingly sometimes Circuit D???). I have not yet experienced this but...
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    Air hammer bit retainer - PH3050A

    I recently got a PH3050A but fought with the quick change retainer from day one. I could rarely get the bit in or out, and it was always a fight. I considered talking to my local truck, but I'd have to chase him down, and more importantly nothing appeared wrong with this retainer so I was very...
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    GMT400 door handle hardware

    Recently purchased an '89 K2500 for our non-profit... The previous owners were likely purveyors of, um, recreational substances. Outer door handle is 100% missing. Inner doesn't work either. On the outside they somehow managed to attach something like forceps so you reach in the door cutout...
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    NP241 outer planetary ring retention?

    Anyone know how these are retained. You can see some of the input rollers came out and got ground up thru the planetary assy. (The swarf in the pic is largely shift fork pads which worries me far less) Anyway, the outer ring moves fore/aft just barely, is this a concern? I can't seem to...
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    MSC: cutting tools and hand tools

    In the past MSC's "clearance" has been lame but here's some decent deals I found that interested me: 15/32 Made in USA (read: not Chinesium) jobber drills at $4.19 ea. Presently 98 in stock as I type this: 1/2" extra long (12" OAL) HSS...
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    Peak 50/50 or full strength $3.99/gal, O'Reilly

    I got the 50/50 and it's AMAM so do what you will. Limit 2 Presently O'Reilly selling at $13.99/gal. Rebate = $10 per. Final cost: $3.99/gal You may have to filter results by "antifreeze" or search by brand
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    M1 $3/qt clearance at HD

    I make it a point to stroll down the auto aisle at my local HD periodically. It's dark, gloomy, and people rarely travel it but to shop nails/nail guns on the opposing side. It rarely pays off, but sometimes it does. I typically have a threshold of $2/qt for any oil but given that it's M1 and...
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    Milwaukee 8" metal cutting saw and 8-1/4" blades

    I've got the M18 version of this saw, it was one of those tools they couldn't release until they figured out bigger batts like the 8.0 and 12.0's. Previously I had the corded version but I donated it once I got the M18 Anyway I happened upon some Concord branded blades on AWD (Amazon Warehouse...
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    6R140 solenoid harness

    I've got the pan off my '11 6R140. I noticed the solenoid harness has a little "bur" of what I think is brown wire insulation bunched up. It's not debris - it's firmly attached. Also I see what appears to be black heat shrink connectors, was that OEM? And did Ford use these large black zip...
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    FL820S on '19 Ram

    Nothing seems to recommend the FL820S for the newer Ram Rebel, instead calling out the PF48E or 57060 In comparing the specs the threads are the same and gasket diameters are the same (OD might be off by 1/16" but I've found various manufacturers vary slightly in their listing of gasket specs)...