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    ST 5W20 selling like hot cakes!!

    Was just down at my local Wally World. Had to pick up some Techron Fuel System cleaner for the Acura in signature. Some guy behind me cleared out totally the ST conventional 5W20 5quart jugs at 17 jugs overall & also grabbed three 5 quart jugs of the ST HM 5W20 to make it an even twenty jugs. We...
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    Ram Whining in 4WD??

    Took my Ram out last nite to get groceries with the snow we had & the blustery wind/cold that we have been experiencing. Roads where still covered in good amounts of snow from drifting soo I decided to take the Ram in signature instead of my Acura. Now, the average high for the last two weeks...
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    The WOLF Moon!!!

    Learned something today, the reason they call it the wolf moon -- wolves howl more in January & February due to that is when they breed.
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    Your just a number at work these days.

    Have come to the conclusion that your just a number at manufacturing employers in this day & age. Years ago Companys & management would try & look out for you if you showed up daily, followed orders & worked safely on a daily basis. Now its just about the dollar & pushing the product out the...
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    Check Engine Light 2005 Subaru Baja

    Stopped down at my female best friends house yesterday. She told me her 05 Subaru Baja 2.5L NA 5speed manual -- while getting onto highway last Friday -- she almost redlined it trying to merge. She said the check engine light came on immediately. It stayed on the whole time she drove the car...
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    What kinda work boots are use guys/gals wearing?

    I have tried various types of work boots over my 26 years of manufacturing work. Started with Carolinas then tried Red Wings, Wolverines & Dura Shock Wolverines, Herman Survivors and now just purchased another pair of Carolinas. All have been steel toe through the years. I truly believe a good...
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    EPC code/illumination on New VW Jetta

    GF called me Tuesday nite when she got to work. Said her new Jetta in signature lost almost all engine power & the EPC lite was illuminated on her dash board. I looked it up on the VW site & it gave acouple reasons for the light to come on. First was engine loss of power, second was a faulty map...
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    Oil smell in the cabin of Acura??

    My Acura in signature I noticed today with the heat on & car running while I went into a convenience store -- came out & the cabin smelt like oil smoke/burning oil? This is the first time I ever noticed this smell before & its not the first time I ran the heat or defroster this Fall neither. Car...
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    Total Shock -- 45 years old & having first child??

    My GF just informed me last nite that she is pregnant, she repeated her pregnancy test today this morning when she woke up -- for sure its positive. I am in total shock for various reasons, I am a home owner & she is 37 with no prior children neither. This was not planned or premeditated at the...
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    Stick or Automatic???

    Realistically, everybodys applications are different pertaining how we use our vehicles. My preference, if its a 4 cylinder I go with stick shift. Now for 6 & 8 cylinders -- I prefer automatic transmissions. What is your preference & why? P.s. I believe "everybody" should learn how to drive...
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    Anyone still cook/smoke there tires?

    Nice cool weather nite tonite here in Berks County Pennsylvania. Road about 5 miles from my house has a nice steep hill on it out in the back woods. This hill has the perfect road surface to lay & hold rubber. Broke the Ram out tonite & let some nice long posi marks about 60 feet long with a...
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    Firing up the oil furnace for the first time.

    Just got my 275 gallon oil tank filled this week & the Weil Mclain furnace cleaned with its annual cleaning. Turned the furnace on for the first time after work to take the dampness off the house. Girl Friend made a 2nd mention of it last nite in bed. Had a nice indian summer here in my parts &...
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    Walmart employees are clueless???

    Went down to Walmart in my area today to grab the 5 quart jug of Pennzoil High Mileage that normally prices at $16.97 but was on rollback at the Walmart site for $15.27. Forgot my phone at home so had to go to customer service so they could look up the rollback price on there web site because...
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    Pick one and why? Mobil 0W40 vs Castrol 0W40

    Just changed the oil in the Jetta in signature this weekend. Initially I picked up the 5 quart jug of Mobil One 0W40 & then put it back down & grabbed the 5 quart jug of Castrol Edge 0W40 which I used in the VW. Either one I believe is a win win but what would you have picked & why?
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    Recommendation for Acura Differential Fluid?

    Just rolled over the 100,000 mile interval on Acura in signature. Would like recommendations on what fluid to use for changing out my differential fluids for front & rear.
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    GF bent on 10,000 mile OCIs

    My girlfriend just got this new Jetta in early July that is in my signature. She presently has 1800 miles on it & I wanna change out the factory fill now & get the debris out of the motor/filter. She states, "this car is designed to run 10,000 mile oil change intervals!!" Which, looking in the...
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    Question about my Acura???

    Just rolled over the hundred thousand mile part with the Acura in Signature. Why does it seem to be running better & better with each mile added?
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    2017 Jetta TSI SE 1.4L Turbo

    My fiance just traded in her 2014 Jetta TSI SE with the Diesel motor for a brand new 2017 Jetta TSI SE with the new 1.4L Turbo/Direct Injection motor. She had to have the SE model so she can have her beloved sunroof & other goodies that come with that package. Anyways, the car had 3 whole miles...
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    Adding MOS2 to an aluminum motor?

    Just curious if there is any benefit to adding MOS2 to the aluminum motor in my Acura. The can of MOS2 states that it clings to metal parts for smoother operation but my motor is aluminum. I added the can when I changed the oil with Super Tech Synthetic 5W20 acouple months back. Purchased 5 --...
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    Tranny Question about Ram.

    Truck in signature. Automatic, was coming home from work yesterday & out of nowhere tranny started slipping like crazy going up the final hill to my house. Did not think I would make it home. Does not shift out of first gear but goes into reverse is what I noticed today when I got home from work...