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    Girlfriend's new-to-her ride: 2015 Durango Citadel 3.6

    Good Day BITOG- So, my girlfriend recently traded in her rust-bucket Suburban for a new-to-her 2015 Dodge Durango Citadel AWD w/the 3.6 Pentastar. Yours truly will be tasked with the routine maintenance. Since I have little experience with the platform or the Pentastar in general, I thought I'd...
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    Fram Ultra oil filter shortage?

    At some point recently the Fram Ultra XG10575 disappeared from Rock Auto. Now I'm noticing it is out of stock locally everywhere I have checked. Some other Fram Ultra sizes also appear to be out of stock or extremely low stock everywhere locally (XG3506/XG3675). I don't necessarily need one...
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    Cordless, Compact Impact Drivers

    Hey BITOG, I'm in the market for a cordless impact driver, preferably a compact design with a brushless motor, in the 18V/20V class. This tool will most likely be purchased as a kit with a cordless drill, but I'm more concerned with the impact driver so I'm making my selection more or less...
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    New shocks ride nicely!

    2003 Chevy Silverado 1500 in my signature / 219,9xx miles. Was riding on factory shocks until last night. Driver's side rear shock developed a leak and was leaving unsightly spots on my driveway... Sooo I ordered up 4 new Bilstein 4600 HDs and received/installed them yesterday evening. Man...
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    HK P30SK 9mm

    Ok, so apparently General and Off Topic >> General and Off Topic is the place for this now, not General and Off Topic >> Firearms: Lubes, Cleaners, and Maintenance..... aaaanyway - I was looking around today at the HK VP9 and saw that HK just came out with a P30SK ?!?!?! Always wanted a...
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    Thinking about an HK VP9. Which lube should I use?

    I'm thinking about buying an HK VP9. Anyone own one of these, and if so, what lube do you use?
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    AC Delco - Oil Filter Date Code Help

    Hey guys, Can anyone help me decipher the date codes on the two filters below: 1) AC Delco PF59 with 5 holes in the baseplate. Date code is 2400203 2) AC Delco PF59 with 6 holes in the baseplate. Date code is 28FF2 I bought them both on clearance - I don't really plan to use them, bought...
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    Time for new shocks on the Chevy

    Well it took 11+ years and 213,000+ miles, but one of my shocks finally gave way. I noticed a spot under the truck yesterday afternoon, so I went underneath and sure enough my driver's side rear shock is leaking fluid. Might as well go ahead and replace all four shocks (at this age and mileage...
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    Happy '710' day, BITOG!

    Howdy, fellow oil nerds! Happy '710' day! In honor of this unofficial BITOG holiday, I'm planning to do an oil change in my Mazda this afternoon. Who else is planning an oil change today?
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    Reminiscing - First vehicle & first oil changes

    Ah yes. My first vehicle. I was 15, soon to turn 16 - In rural Texas, a vehicle was and still is mandatory for any 16 year-old's livelihood. It was key to holding a job, commuting to and from school, and participating in whatever after school activities one was interested in. My particular daily...
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    ZDDP level vs TBN

    I have a question for the oil formulators out there... Last week I was looking at Eneos Sustina and their new ZP technology, which eliminates sulfur as a copmonent of the zinc additive chemistry. One of the benefits touted is that by eliminating sulfur, you eliminate the decomposition product...
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    Non-Stick Coating for Snow Shovel

    Wasn't sure where to post this, but here goes... So I'm new to the midwest and this is my first winter in a house - so the past few months have been my first real experience shoveling snow. As was shoveling snow yesterday evening, the snow kept sticking to the shovel, so I'd have to stop every...
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    New Wrench Set

    Last Christmas my little brother (mechanic) handed down to me the better part of a metric set of Made in USA Craftsman Professional combination wrenches; 11mm to 19mm (he replaced them with Snap-on or Matco, I presume). Earlier this week I finally got around to completing the set - between my...
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    Bolt Carrier Groups

    How much does a decent AR-15 BCG run these days? A local shop has received a shipment of some new BCGs for $130 plus tax. I know 6 months ago, these things were just plain unavailable, and when you could find them, they were $250-$300. Has the price come down that much, or should I run out and...
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    First oil change in my Mazda6

    In honor of "710 day", I performed the first oil change in my new Mazda6 yesterday evening. I went with the Mazda GF-5 w/Moly 0W-20 oil and a Mazda filter. (Go ahead BITOG, tell me I wasted money by draining my FF at 2,100 miles ; ) In spite of this being my first OC on this car, the operation...
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    Oil Choices for B&S 550ex (Gold Series)

    I just purchased a Craftsman push mower with Briggs & Stratton 550ex (Gold Series) engine. The manual recommends changing the supplied SAE30 engine oil at 5 hours. When I change the oil, I'm planning to run something from my stash. Here's what I've got: M1 0W-40 GC 0W-30 T5 10W-30 PP 5W-30 PU...
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    New 2014 Mazda6 - Which oil?

    Hey guys, So I'm slated to pick up a new 2014 Mazda6 this afternoon. It is brand new, less than 20 miles on the clock. Dealer is throwing in a couple of Mazda oil filters, so I have that covered. The engine calls for 0W-20. I'm looking for an oil that is readily available locally; here are my...
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    Oil Change on my girlfriend's car (rant)

    So I changed the oil on my girlfriend's car for the first time on Sunday - It's a 2001 Grand Am v6, and I bought a couple of filters for it (on sale) barely a month after we started dating - she usually takes it to random lube&tube places around town, but I just won't have that. So I get under...
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    Laminar Flow of Oil Through an Oil Filter

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a> I found this document on the internet... I am not affiliated with Fluent or Wix, I just thought this was interesting.
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    Pennzoil High Mileage question.

    Does anyone know the starting TBN of Pennzoil HM? I've been wondering about switching from PP xW-30 to Pennzoil HM (or maybe Valvoline MaxLife) xW-30 after my truck hits 150,000 miles, mostly due to the slightly higher viscosity @ 100°C (Also, the HT/HS numbers for Pennzoil HM on Pennzoil's...