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    Nissan Blue

    Our 2010 Altima is a little low on coolant. Yes I know I need to find out why but when I do I need to top it off. I hate having to go to the dealer 25 miles away and buy some of that blue stuff for $20+, so I was considering flushing the whole system and putting something else in it. I could put...
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    Making own syn blend

    So I have 4 bottles of Quakerstate synthetic, and I also have a 5 quart jug of Supertech conventional. I have two cars that take 4.5 quarts each and was considering mixing the oils together for a 40/60 mix.
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    Briggs 344cc oil recomendation

    Bought a used 33 inch push mower, with a 10.5hp briggs motor on it. Has 227 hours on it, last owner maintained it well and from what he said he put 10w30 in it. Has no oil filter. Cubcadet told me to put 5w30 synthetic in it but I was going to ask what you guys thought?
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    Ford 3.0 recommedation

    98,000 miles 2001 ranger. Leaking oil pan gasket that is getting worse, and will eventually have to be fixed. Only ever had 5w20. Had all of its oil changes at the dealer for first 60,000 miles, then I started changing it. I have used full synthetic twice and synthetic blend the rest of the...