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    Battery for Gen9 Corolla

    Car in question is my 05 corolla. With the recent 0F nights we’ve been having, the batteries are taking a beating here. This morning she gave up half way through the first cranking attempt and had a long crank on the 2nd attempt. After driving the car about 30 miles, local advance auto...
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    Nissan R51 to Jeep WJ

    Times are crazy as a lot of you have already pointed out in your threads over here. My original plan was to ride out this insanely hot used car market for a few years in my 2011 R51 Pathy (just over 110k miles). I’m the 2nd owner - first owners clearly didn’t take much care washing the vehicle...
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    FVP Antifreeze any good?

    Found these at Target. Anyone here have experience running the FVP 50/50 global antifreeze coolant or the full strength concentrate coolant by FVP? Is it just a dexclone, similar to the yellow Supertech stuff? Engine this would possibly go in a B230FT which already came with many many years of...
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    Oils for 2.0 Duratec and a 1zzfe

    I searched to find some recent information on this topic but was unsuccessful. I have a beater 08 Focus with 2.0 which is driven by my brother in college. The car doesn’t get much in the way of love except the occasion oil changes. Ford specs 5w20, but would it be safe to run some of the Chevron...
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    Another Kirkland vs. Chevron Supreme thread

    Hi everyone. I’ve been using the Kirkland Signature 5w30 synthetic oil on my Corolla (1zz-fe) and Pathfinder (vq40) for the past couple of years. The corolla runs 5.5k-6k miles OCI with a Bosch oil filter and the pathfinder runs 4.5-5k miles OCI using Quaker State oil filter that I picked up on...
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    Napa Silver or Supertech oil filter?

    First post here. I tried the search bar but couldn't find an answer to my question above. 2006 Corolla, 5k OCI. Running ST full synthetic based on positive reviews on this forum. Question about oil filter choice: which one of the above would you pick? I used to use Fram orange can, until I had...