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    Boiler #2 Fuel Filter

    Thanks so much for the copper anti seize tip. I always have to stab them with a screwdriver and wrestle them off. I will give this tip a try next time change it. Again than you!
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    Was the grease mixture in the front bearings a problem?

    Exactly, I use 4 different color greases in my machine shop and they are all lithium based greases. Color means nothing.
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    2004 Nissan Sentra limp mode issues

    Check all wiring and connectors for tares, shorts, or loose connections. Many times the component itself is fine, it's the wiring. A multimeter set to continuity is your best friend here.
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    Dual V belt pulley machining, matched belt desires.

    As a machinist I can tell you that this is easily doable, but it's not cheap. The shop I run is all cnc lathes and mills. That means programming, tooling, fixturing and set up. One pulley would run around $700 or so. 10 pulleys a 100 each 100 pulleys about 30 each. One off parts are very...
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    Cutting-edge Lubricants

    I see a lot of the same in my world as a machinist. I have seen a lot of ball screw and nut failures on large cnc machines, usually the result of improperly hardened ball screws. Everyone is trying to cut costs to drive profits but the consumer is usually the one to pay the price.
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    Best/Worst vehicles to change the oil&filter on?

    Worst was a 2015 tdi jetta. Nothing hard at all about it, but every single time I changed the oil I would drop the fill cap down into the engine bay and it would take forever to fish it out. Don't know why it happened, I think the thing was haunted. Easiest is my Mazda cx5.
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    Is 9 or 10 threads going into iron block enough for 60lb ft?

    As a 40 year machinist that had made hundreds of thousands of threads, yes. Believe it or not 1 and a half threads is enough to take the full amount of torque of any bolt.
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    First Gen mazda 3 with 2.3l recommended service approaching 160k km

    I would add inspecting cv joint boots for leaks, cracks, splits or dry rot, as well as inspecting fuel and brake lines for corrosion. Check the date code on your battery to see how old it is, if original I would replace as it would now be over 14 years old.
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    mazda skyactive maintenance in Extream heat

    I believe 2018 and later skyactivs use increased intake valve temperatures to avoid carbon buildup. That doesn't mean earlier models have any problems. There are many skyactiv owners with older high mileage vehicles and they continue to get great performance and good fuel mileage. I wouldn't...
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    mazda skyactive maintenance in Extream heat

    Well, what years are these vehicles? The later skyactiv engines had a redesign that keeps the intake valves hotter to help burn off the carbon. I wouldn't mix transmission fluids, I would just use what Mazda says to use. These transmissions aren't cheap to replace so I wouldn't risk putting...
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    hybrid transmissions

    Some first gen prius's suffered early motor winding failures but it wasn't very common. I would consider ecvt's to be more durable than a regular slush box as there's just planetary gears and motors, eliminating all those clutch packs that wear out.
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    hybrid transmissions

    As a general rule yes. You can't buy just the motor for the transmission from the manufacturer but you maybe able to get one from a wrecked car in a junk yard.
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    AC leak/fix. Anything I'm missing?

    If the system was designed for R134A then the sight glass will clear when fully charged. This is not the case with blended refrigerants, ie more than on component in a zeotropic blend. Blends often times exhibit temperature glide and fractionation during both evaporation and condensation and the...
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    AC Lubricant. What is ICE 32? Snake Oil?

    Exactly what others have said. Use only OEM approved oils. How did you grind the compressor to dust without sending junk out of the high pressure side and into the system?
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    Ever bought/changed a coil pack?

    Yep on 2 vehicles, one was a Saturn that had a known defect in the factory provided coil packs, had to change those twice and each time it ate the catalytic converter. The other was a Mazda MPV mini-van. Of course one went on the rear which was a nightmare to get at. Replaced all three rears...
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    How to strengthen aluminum block threads.

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Cujet</div><div class="ubbcode-body">A long helicoil, or a series of them. Also, high temp loctited studs with very long reach and full thread engagement May help a bit. </div></div> I agree, we sometime use...
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    Loose Shaft on Small Fan Motor (photo)

    Like someone here said there is a loctite product for securing loose shafts in a bore. We use it all the time at work where I am a machinist to secure shafts that can sometimes transmit several horsepower. There is really nothing special about that motor, it is a simple shaded pole motor. If you...
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    Mazda - Low coolant temp light

    The light is a reminder that the engine is cold and should be driven gently until it goes off, by gently I mean no redlining or stomping on the gas. Basically just drive normally till the light goes off. The light was added to remind the driver to let the engine warm up some before spirited...
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    2003 Mazda MPV PCV Valve Change

    Yes it just pops out. If you ever need to change the plugs or coil packs you will need to remove the intake to get to the back plugs. This is really easy on the MPV, the intake even uses a reusable accordion type seal for the intake. You can have the intake off in about a half hour if needed...
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    Intermittent miss at hot idle

    Sounds like a weak ignition coil.