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    2011 quest CVT fluid change

    Yeah it seems cvt transmission's are hard on the fluid. I been using Castrol's Synthetic cvt fluid it works well in my wife's 13 accord
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    Acura Oil Burner - Need New Approach

    Try a 5w30 in that motor its not much heavier but enough to provide the protection you need and require
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    Start/Stop Engine Wear

    Can you disable the start/stop feature on these vehicles
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    2016 Honda CRV - Oil Consumption

    Next oil change try PP 5w20 with that new STP Synthetic oil Treatment . That will help
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    trans service 2015 malibu 6T40

    i used castrol muti dex6 full syn in my 2013 malibu . that fluid is on the approval list and has worked well for me so far
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    New Mobil 1 at Wal-Mart 20k Mile

    This new M1 AP might be worth the price quality products they produce
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    Has Pennzoil Platinum always met this spec?

    it seems like honda makes a better 1.5turbo engine then GM. honda is running 0w20 oil in there little motors while GM require 5w30 in there 1.5 turbo and that motor been having reports of burnt pistons and etc in the new malibu"s. I'm impress with pennzoil being first for the 0w20 Honda...
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    Gen 2 dexos

    I just hope the new dexos 2 help prevents timing chain wear
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    GM mechanics

    I thought GM uses Mobil 1 for there synthetic needs
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    pennzoil 5w20 conventional

    PUP might be a better choice
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    Castrol Edge Black Bottle

    But is Edge Black bottle better than PPPP ????
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    30,000 mile drains, police cars

    I'm changing my oil too much then . 6k oil changes
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    Mobil coming out with a new atf?

    Maybe this new Dexron HP fluid be a lifetime one like Toyota WS
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    0W-20 vs. 5W-30 - General Motors Warranty Concern

    0w20 should be stout enough to protect these GM motors well into 400k range <img src="/forums/graemlins/laugh.gif" alt="laugh" title="laugh" height="15" width="15" />
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    Mobil coming out with a new atf?

    Looks like I'll be dumping Castrol Transmax next spring gotta Try this out
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    Why there is no Pennzoil Ultra in Canada

    No need for PU anyways PP does great enough job
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    Fuel dilution causes

    Fuel dilution causes timing chain wear . I would step up to a 5w30 syn oil .
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    ATF: To change or not to change?

    Fresh fluid is always better