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    OCI age-old question

    I got moms 03 Buick Park Ave, 3.8, two yrs ago, with 97k mi, engine in very good condition. I immediately changed oil using ac delco 10w30 syn-blend and new ac delco filter. That was 2 yrs and 1,100 mi ago (dont drive it much) and that oil still looks nice and clean. I've read plenty about OCI's...
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    I have a 2000 Elantra with 215k using Castrol HM 10W30, engine in gd condition, use miniscule oil on 3500 mi. Absolutely no leaks so all is well with that car. I have a much newer car that I have hoarded Mobil 1 Syn 5W20 for back when it could be had for $21/jug. Mistake! I will not be able to...