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    Strange Oil Cocktail and Snake Oil Combined....

    <img src="" class="post-image" alt="" />
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    Keep it or toss it???

    Filter is about one year old, maybe 6K-8K miles. I usually change them when they are dirty like this. <img src="" class="post-image" alt="" /> <img src="" class="post-image" alt="" />
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    2000 4Runner Tarnish Observation W/ Pictures

    Just an observation on my top end of my 4runner 2000 3.4 with 164K miles. My valve cover gasket was leaking again so I decided to take some photos and share it with you guys. If my memory is correct, I was using M1 EP, PP, PU with Napa Gold oil filters for many years. Up until the last 10K, I...
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    Paying it forward (2) FREE OIL FILTERS

    Had a member here send me oil when I needed it, if anyone needs the filters and pays shipping ($6.00), they are yours. Each filter is sealed and appear to be excellent quality. Thanks <img src="" class="post-image" alt="" />
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    Filtertran Filter From My Vehicle 96K Miles

    Vehicle is from my 2006 Toyota Camry V6 with 96K. Its really a screen, not a filter. <img src="" class="post-image" alt="" /> <img src="" class="post-image" alt="" /> <img src="" class="post-image"...
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    Change my oil or not?

    I am going through a financial hardship and can not afford the oil and filter for my semi-annual OC. I usually purchase 6 quarts of PP 5W-30 and Napa Gold oil filter. Here's my concern... Current oil is PP with 3500 hard miles. Vehicle pulls trailer on a regular basis, off-road 4wd trails...
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    Taking suggestions on OIL with Valve Cover Pic

    Have a 2000 4Runner 4wd 5speed 3.4 V6 with 137K miles, purchased used June 2006 with 72K. Mobile 1 EP 5w30 for the first couple of years. Changed oil about 3K-5K, a lot of city stop-n-go/city freeway driving in those days. Now I use PU 5w30 and still change in the 3K-5K. I use Napa/Wix gold...