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    What Year Did you Start Using Synthetic Motor Oil?

    The year was 1985 after talking with Smoky Yunich. Back then he mixed his own. I asked him about Amsoil and he had tested it and liked it. So I became a dealer and I use Amsoil in everything since. I'v had no mechanical issue caused by lubrication over the ensuing years. Highly recommend, they...
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    Thin 0w20?

    Amsoil will be coming out with a 0w16 soon.
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    10w40 Amsoil & 66 Mustang 289ci engine analysis

    I just sold the car to the Germans. Flow masters sealed the deal.
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    Replacing Sway Bar bushings

    When replacing facotory sway bar bushings with; for example Fed MOOG blue thermoplastic bushings, spread a little silicone disk brake grease on the bar first. Do not use petroleum based grease. This advice is per MOOG tech today. 52pu
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    My good deed for the day

    Well I suppose we killed that topic.
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    Camry inflation pressure

    Max inflation question: Look on the tire side wall.
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    My good deed for the day

    So what's the good deed?
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    1954 Plymouth Savoy rear diff

    Need gear oil recommendation for this car. Has anyone made the switch to synthetic in something this old. Currently has the old 90 weight stinky gear lube.
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    81 Fairmont valvetrain pics

    Do the car a favor and pull the oil pan, new HV mellings oil pump, pick up, timing chain and new gears. Clean up the pan and put back together. Not too expensive and will give you peace of mind.
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    5w50 synthetic?

    One of my customers has a newer Mustang with the all Alum high HP engine and ford recommends 5w50.
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    5w50 synthetic?

    Who makes a good 5w50 synthetic? Amsoil hasn't yet and tech did not give me any hope. 52pu
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    Toyota filters

    The factory cartridge filter for the 2014 V6 Camry is pleated paper. I replaced with Amsoil cartridge replacement, looks like cotton fiber, much better quality. My experience with the cartridge is very positive. Cartridge is vertical in the front passenger side, easy to access. In a scale of...
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    10w40 Amsoil & 66 Mustang 289ci engine analysis

    I am aware that Synthetics loosen up deposits. However in this case there were excessive metals visible in the dino oil I drained before changing over to Sny. I'll run it awhile and change out the filter and drain some out of the sump when its cold before testing again. Thanks everyone.
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    10w40 Amsoil & 66 Mustang 289ci engine analysis

    The wear metals were very obvious when i drained the dino oil. Things are coming apart reference the oil analysis. I may just go ahead pull the pan and change the rod and main bearings before the crank is damaged. New pump and gears at the same time. It does not burn any oil so i may just stop...
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    Full Synthetic and ZDDP.

    Amsoil Tech Bulletin dated 8/3/07 #MO2007-08-08 The as of this bulletin Amsoil had the following levels of Zink & Phosphorus measured in PPM to protect Flat Tappet and Camshaft Lobe lubrication: AMO 10W40 synthetic premium protection Phos 1265ppm, Zink 1378ppm ARO 20w50 " Phos 1266, Zink...
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    10w40 Amsoil & 66 Mustang 289ci engine analysis

    Good advice on the dino oil. Among other things i've been an Amsoil dealer for 27 years so i have some sitting around. I'll may drive it till i hear bad noises? This past summer one of our guys in the Mustang Club had a low mileage 289 from a Fairlane that i passed up. Then i may put in a crate...
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    Amsoil Confusion

    I have a 09 civic 5 speed automatic, use 0w20 or 5w20 amsoil whatever i have on the shelf, change the oil filter every 6 months and flush everything every year. Amsoil Universal ATF in the tranny changing the inline filter every year. In 2012 we did the route 66 trip, out west on the flats it...
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    A comparison of Mobil 1 and Amsoil EaO oil Filters

    Regarding the Amsoil EAO oil filters: The company admits that they made a filtration change from the finer filtration filter media to the EAO ones that lets more particulates thru. Thus allowing the filters to be used for an extended period. The older finer media Amsoil filters did a better...
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    10w40 Amsoil & 66 Mustang 289ci engine analysis

    The water analysis was presented like this: Water % 0.1. The car did a lot of sitting, will try and flush it out as you suggest.
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    10w40 Amsoil & 66 Mustang 289ci engine analysis

    Just a well kept car, engine runs great. I am concerned with the iron and lead numbers. This i was thinking of pulling the pan for new rod & main bearings, oil pump, new timing chain and gears.