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    Let's Talk Gun Safes.

    I don't worry......I have it anchored to the floor and wall and an alarm......our Police, although very rural and spread out, have responded in minutes the three times the system alarmed; one bad battery, one Stinkbug playing on a motion sensor, and back door not latched and blew open. I think...
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    Broken exhaust valve

    I was lucky the piston didn't completely come apart..... <a class="lb-image-link" rel="shadowbox[4658058ea367aee102]" href="" title=""><img...
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    Broken exhaust valve

    Those cylinders were honed? Maybe its just my phone but the last hole doesn't look that good. However, I lost #4 piston on our 4.0 and after honing looked good and wasn't ovaled..... <a class="lb-image-link" rel="shadowbox[4658058ea358b15ad4]"...
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    Low oil pressure solved , dropped the pan

    <a class="lb-image-link" rel="shadowbox[4658058e79cf3217e8]" href="" title=""><img src="" class="lb-image" /></a>...
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    AR15 painting question

    Yep - they'll look that way after a while. I have pretty firearms, heirloom firearms, custom firearms, and painted firearms....all are clean and all work; just not some as pretty as others. Its your firearm; if you're comfortable disassembling a firearm then paint away if thats what you want...
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    AR15 painting question

    There has probably been a million or so painted without problem and more than likely ten-times the number of AK's painted. Repair any bad areas and paint away.....naturally leaving the internals unpainted. This is not rocket science. You'll hear rhe howling from the purists.....its your...
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    Rust on my single six hammer

    The most usual cause of rusting is lack of maintenance but in your case prob're very thorough from what I've read of your threads. Hammers get the least amount of care...a quick wipe with a cloth and then usually thumbed down and all that human oil is all over the hammer.....clean...
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    Kahr CW380 and S&W Bodyguard 380?

    Most failures to load a Kahr is operator error......racking a slide on a Kahr, particularly the smaller ones, is an almost guaranteed failure-to-feed. The manuals tell you to load a Kahr (at least the PM series) requires the firearm be loaded by using the slide release lever. I have the 380...
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    Broken bolts on oil boiler burner

    I wouldn't use propane....too expensive in my area. Heat via propane was costing us close to $5k per year and the lower level was still uncomfortably cool. We installed a pellet stove four years ago, heats the entire house, and it costs us three tons per season so a total of $2000 for heating...
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    Women at work always chuckle at me...

    Ahh.....check out your mirror; if it looks ok to you then laugh along with them!
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    Picked up Gen 2 Diamondback DB9

    Mine is an "E" and has been flawless. Like you, mine is a pocket back-up....typically accompanied by a PM45 or, if tighter jeans, PM9.
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    Classic car guys, what you running?

    Rotella for me; 15w40 Triple and 5w40 synthetic.
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    For those who think shops roll in the money

    One of our capital projects we lobbied for and won was replacing the toilet tanks on the commuter rail cars. You have to remove the top tank and transfer it over to the rebuilt tank. For a week or so it appeared birds veered off depending on the wind. The old tank had no liquid and was only...
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    Thickest High Mileage oil

    Rotella 15w40 or if you prefer, Rotella T6 5w40 synthetic. I run Rotella in everything except the Honda......Jeep, IH A, Ingersol, Bolens, friends hi-mileage Ford V8, snow blowers, etc, etc.
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    HELP me SUPER SLUETHS: ABS/Brake/Traction Lights!

    Sure looks like its a wheel sensor....easy enough to check resistance at each sensor.....I bet one is way off
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    1911 barrel and spring plug discoloration

    I would probably use a 0000 wool and oil/Break Free and blend it out....luckily both parts are hidden. Any other sign of it on any part of the frame or slide? I have a Kimber Custom Classic from year two. Great pistol and still shoots as good as new but the finish/steel was never completely...
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    Mitchell's Mausers

    Those are nice!
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    Rem 1100 Clean-up

    @AZjeff - he lives/hunts in Maryland.....Cicel County. We worked together at one time and I retired but my wife still works there thus the reason he asked if I still repaired firearms. @billt460 - yes, very easy. I am very fond of all Remington long guns and I (we) have all gauges in 870's...
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    Rem 1100 Clean-up

    I ordered the white-line spacer on the butt stock since it fell apart when I removed the recoil pad. Part/shipping is $10 and he'll be good to go. My pard and I shot 40 slugs and nary a glitch (yep, resorted to a sissy pad!). @billt460......Our cleaning schedules are right on line with each...