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    New used bike, old filter

    I just bought a used 2007 CB900 with 1,200 miles on it. The owner had the oil changed at 800 miles by the dealer. He said he changed it a couple of time since. He sold because he could not ride due to health problems. I believe him. Even if it has been more than a year since the last oil...
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    Forester tapping/ Mobil 1

    I have an 2010 Subaru Forester with around 7,200 miles. I did an oil change at 1,000 with SuperTech and no new filter. Second oil change @ 3,000 was a dealer freebe. They said they use Pennzoil. The engine had pronounced lifter tapping. I just changed the oil and put in 5w-30 Mobil 1. The...
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    Over Torqued Oil Filter

    Just finished changing the oil for the first time on my '10 Subaru Forester, sort of. Two things. First, I got three free oil changes from the dealer with the purchase. I used one and the oil filter was over torqued. I fractured the cap type filter wrench. The drain bolt did not see a...