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    Car Jack Recommendations

    I am interesting in purchasing a car jack. Any recommendations on a 3 ton rapid jack? I am curious how the Harbor Freight ones perform? I only have two vehicles and do 4 oil changes a year, suggestions?
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    2014 Honda Civic LX 1.8L

    Bought a 2014 Honda Civic LX 1.8L Automatic. I am curious what oil everyone recommends since I live in Las Vegas year round and have two little kids. I do a lot of stop and go driving because I drop them off at daycare. Should I just pay attention to the Oil Maintenance Reminder? 50%? 25%...
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    1999 Toyota Avalon 127,000 miles

    About to buy a 1999 Toyota Avalon with 127,000 miles tomorrow and would like some suggestions on which motor oil to use? I have been using M1 5w-30 in my wife's 2006 Toyota Sienna. Is PU going to do better in an older engine with this mileage? You are speaking to a novice, please any...
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    Oil Change Question 2010 Honda Accord

    My brother has changed the oil 6 times in 52,000 miles on his 2010 Honda Accord. I will be driving it for the next 6 months for free, then I may buy it since his lease will be up. I am no mechanic but I do believe in Synthetic Motor Oil and change intervals of 5,000 - 7,500 miles. He was...
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    Valvoline Maxlife vs. Toyota Type IV

    Sorry to bring up an old topic, but was hoping for some additional feedback. Is Valvoline Maxlife ATF (<a href=""...
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    Transmission Drain and Fill Question

    I am about to do a full transmission service on my wife's 2006 Toyota Sienna 3.3L V6. I will be doing a drain, drop the pan, clean the magnets, replace the strainer & gasket, installing a magnetic drain plug (Toyota's don't come with them) and filling it back up! Also, pulling the cooler line...
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    Magnetic Drain Plug

    I tried searching for this! Do you guys recommend a "magnetic" drain plug? And where is the best place to order one? 2006 Toyota Sienna LE 2010 Toyota Corolla
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    Oil Filter Question

    Okay I have 2 vehicles a 2006 Toyota Sienna 3.3L and 2010 Mazda 3 2.0L. They both take the same Mobil 1 filter! I purchased OEM filters, one at Toyota and one at Mazda. An oil filter at Toyota is like $4.50 and at Mazda its like $8.50. My question is this. Since the Mobil 1 filters are the...