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    Check out this dipstick.

    This came from my company car which is a 2013 Honda CRV EX-L with 2.4L 4 cylinder. The car came from factory with 0W-20 which I never was big fan of it. Yesterday I checked the oil at 1,000 mile mark & it took over 1/2 qt to bring it back to full mark. Thinking about switch it over to 5W-20...
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    Home Air Conditioning Question

    Gents: Home Central AC went bad over the weekend & almost 100% the compressor is gone (locked up). Unit is a 14 yrs old 3 ton Amana Model: PGD36C0702E with Copeland Scroll Compressor. Am I better off replacing the whole unit or just replacing the compressor ? I've been told that prices...
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    PU Availablility ?

    Gents: I'm dying to test out the PU for the first time & follow-up with a UOA. However, having really tough time finding 5w-30 PU gallon jugs in S. Cal Walmart. So far the only WM carries PU is 62 mi away from me, in quart bottles. Based on your experience, will supply eventually catch up...
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    Best Practice: Breaking in a new engine

    Gents: What is the best practice for breaking-in an engine one a brand new vehicle (not rebuilt) ? In addition to following owner's manual & vary the drive speed, is it necessary to properly seat the oil rings by driving under a higher gear & high load condition for the new engine ...
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    MAG1 Synthetics

    Gents: While doing search for 5W-30 on Amazon I ran into "MAG1" Synthetics. It is made by Warren Distribution out in NE. According to their website it is a "pure" synthetic & they are a lubricant vendor for US Military. Has anyone used this stuff before ? Price is very competitive but...
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    Generator Oil Advice

    Gents: I have a Subaru RG4300i Inverter Generator w/ EX27 air cooled engine & it is time for OC. Would synthetic motorcycle oil provide any additional protection or benefits over the M1 10w-30 I have been using ? Since motorcycle oil are designed to operate in "air cooled" environment I'd...