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    Is the 2007+ Volvo S80 a good car? The 3.2 I6

    I am driving a 2010 S80 with the 3.2 engine. I bought it in January 2014 with 46,000 miles. It now has 86,000+. It has been very reliable and one of the best cars I've owned. The only non-maintenance issue I've encountered was the replacement of a brake accumulator at 75,000 miles. It is roomy...
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    What bike (s) do you have?

    Yes, I understand that he is still in business. He relocated to Massachusetts several years ago and stopped taking new orders because he had a backlog of five or six years.
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    What bike (s) do you have?

    1. Gitane Tour de France, purchased new in 1972. 2. Waterford W-13, one of 19 made, purchased new in 1998. 3. Richard Sachs, made for me in May, 2001. All three are black.