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    Legal pi question

    I have a general question on a personal injury case that I’m in. I wanna make up a hypothetical If the policy limit is 500,000 total and I have medical bills of 70,000 Another has medical 300,000 How is the money divided up? What I’m wondering about is pain and suffering for me? Do the...
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    Mooney crash Tampa Rescue

    Just read about a crash of a Mooney off Tampa into the water. A girl heard the traffic on her radio and went in and landed her seaplane and rescued the passengers When I looked her up and said she flew with Jay Leno...
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    Hazard warranty- speed rating

    About two weeks ago I bought Perelli P zero a/s plus from Sam’s Club I was trying to order the V rated tire online but when I got into the store the clerk said to get the W with the tread warranty. I got a nail in the tire that they said is not fixable. They tried to order the W and it says...
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    Best rust removal on wheel

    Hi I have a small amount of rust in the corner of my rims What is the best way to remove and prevent it from coming back Thanks
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    Nu Finish old vs new

    Has anyone seen this video where the fellow thinks they may have changed the formula He says it doesn’t last as long
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    Mix pennzoil ultra and platinum

    3.3 TDI Hyundai 96,000 2009 New to me and city driver. Hot weather area. I have 1 5-20 ultra Platinum synthetic and 1 5-30 Platinum synthetic high mileage. Would this be a decent mix or should I use one and then the other? Thanks
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    Trustworthy chain to change transmission fluid

    What chain would be trustworthy and cheap to change transmission fluid on a 09 Sonata Limited V6 (96,000) The last time I went to the female owned “woke” dealer they hit me with an 1800 estimate for other work desperately needed. They had tested my antifreeze and it was old and needed to be...
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    Vehicle for 6 grand

    Looking for a mid size about 6000 A great year is 2009 at about $6,000. A undervalued sleeper. I’m a retired senior and I drive Uber for fun and just stay occupied but I don’t bother with fire, theft and collision. (please don’t turn the thread into a debate about this as I’ve saved 40,000 over...
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    Total loss vs keeping car and cash

    So I received an offer They get the car for 4700 or I keep it and get 3600. I drive for Uber to keep busy and would go nuts without doing it. they have a lot of fine print in their contract no salvage titles no rebuilt cars, no visible damage The adjuster said it would not be marked as a...
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    Body shop insurance question

    I have a question re what could be a total loss. What is the incentive for a body shop to total a car? Why not 1/2 azz the work? Hope you don’t notice... Bad lines or gaps Bondo vs new parts... Or make work at cost if you are slow Do you have recourse if all the lines (door gaps trunk/fender)...
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    CCC market value 08 Sonata Ltd

    Does anyone have access to get ccI market value of a 2008 Hyundai Sonata Limited 139,000 Pretty clean no rips or tears in the leather glass sunroof works Along with everything else
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    Insurance question/crash

    So my car was hit today while parked by a big car carrier. He does business with our company The driver does not want to report or claim it (I did get a police report) and risk raising his rate and asked for “his guy” to fix...And to pay lost income. I went to 4 body shops and they all tell me...
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    Battery won’t hold charge- fire hazard?

    A few years ago I bought a used 21 Asus laptop. Now the battery will not hold a charge and it’s internal. Is there any danger to just using this as a desktop? Fire/overheating
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    Best Pressure for Sonata

    Just got 4 new Goodyear Advantage Outlast at Wallymart. 350 installed after tax and fees. My ride seemed hard so I checked Ft L 40 Ft R 34 Right rear 40 R Left Rear 34?? 2 guys and 2 machines :) I've always used 34-36 but my door says 30. Does that seem low?