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    Amsoil SS 5W30, in use 7,609, vehicle 142,934

    This vehicle is a 2002 Chevy Silverado, 4.8L V8 This is the first oil analysis done on this truck. This is my Dad's truck he was running a K&N air filter that he changed to a regular filter after receiving the report. The comments section of the report mentions possible break in period of new...
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    Valvoline MaxLife 5w30, 4500K on oil, 134,776K

    This is the first UOA for my new-to-me truck. 2007 Chevy Silverado with a 5.3L V8. The truck is burning oil, probably because of Active Fuel Management, that's what I've read anyway. I switched to Penzoil High Mileage in 5w30. No real reason other than to try something different. Blackstone...
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    To idle at start up, or not?

    I just read the UOA article that explains the "stuff" found in an analysis and what they likely mean. I found the explanation of %Fuel interesting. The author attributed idling has a potential culprit for increased raw fuel. I have been idling my engine until the water temp gauge starts to...
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    Good Oil Options for my truck

    1. I drive a 2007 Chevy Silverado, Crew Cab, 4WD, 5.3L V8 (not flex fuel, but it does have Active Fuel Management) 2. Oil requirements are SAE 5W-30, GM6094M, and API seal of approval. Oil change intervals to be determined by Engine Oil Life System. 3. I live in Eastern NC. Winters are mild...