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    Cell phone/driving: an officer's view

    I thought I would start a thread about an incident I encountered last week. Background: I am currently a patrol officer with 30 yrs experience. Cell phone use while driving is illegal and this includes texting/talking or holding any wireless communication device while driving. Driving is...
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    2007 Acura RDX Turbo ran out of fuel

    Hi all. Looking for some direction here. My neighbour owns this vehicle. She was driving home on the freeway and ran out of gas. Long story there but she was able to call for help, get fuel and get the car home. Now when the car is idling, it is making a very loud ticking sound. Almost...
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    When to change FF Honda CR-V

    2013 Honda CR-V. 5000km (3000mi) on the odo. MM reads 70% life left. I have 5L jug of TGMO 0w20 and a P1 ready to go. Vehicle sees 50/50 hwy city.
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    TGMO 0w20 SN

    After reading how well this oil is performing, I decided I will give it a try when our new CR-V is due for it's first oil change. I just picked up 2-5L jugs at the local dealership. I was able to talk the service guy down to $25/jug. Compared to other synthetics sold at Canadian Tire, this is...
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    An oil change OCD story

    Like many of us BITOG'ers, I am OCD about maintenance on my vehicle's and like to use the best fluids available. My daughter bought herself a 2012 Elantra last summer and i have more than graciously been performing oil changes on it. Yesterday she took her car back to the dealership to have...