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    How to synch iPhone with Outlook calendar?

    Try going into the event that you added, on your phone. Edit it and then in the Calendar field, choose the corresponding calendar for Outlook. You will a calendar the syncs to Outllok and one that syad PC. It should automatically update in Outlook then. Hope this helps.
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    How to transfer iTunes, contacts iPhone 4 to SIII?

    iPhone was set to sync to iCloud not computer. I changed the setting in the iphone to sync to the computer and then changed iTunes to sync contacts to google instead of outlook and all the contacts showed up on the Samsung galaxy s3.
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    How to put DVD's on iPad2??

    For common conversion, Handbrake can meet your needs. But if you want to convert DVD to Video with 1080P HD video, you'd better get a professional dvd ripping tool, see this guide how to put dvd on iPad 2 mac step by step, even your DVDs are protected.