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    Oversized Filter list

    Once upon a time, long while back, some fine fella compiled a list of oversized filters in all the different thread and gasket sizes. Anyone remember it? Wish it was a sticky, but a search doesn't turn it up either. My interest is in the 1.5 X 20MM, but all of the sizes were covered in the list...
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    H-4 Subaru

    Anyone consider the H4 opposed four 2.5 Subaru engine as rougher on oil than any other? Mine's a 2004 SOHC in an Outback wagon original spec 5W30 or 10W30 or 10W40 SL even all the way to 0 degrees F, believe it or not. It has 121K, new head gaskets, no leaks, with a very slight slap when cold...
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    VSOP and SLOB?

    Those used to be the adds of the day many years ago, an eon. Is Valvoline still selling it? I believe it was a zinc-booster. SLOB was an additive that boosted zinc and something else, moly, phosphorous, can't remember which. SLOB was sold at this or that dollar store. VSOP everywhere. Guys used...
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    2004 Subaru 2.5 Question

    So, the 2.5L in my 2004 Outback is a 4, it's flat, and it's an opposed arrangement. It's a 16-valve (my 2004 is unless I'm reading wrong) but it's a SOHC. What are the advantages to this arrangement? This dopey question coming from a guy with DOHC 16-valve fours in an upright configurations...
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    Name your VOIP Providers?

    Verizon landline>Vonage>VOIPO>BasicTalk>NetTalk. From $80 a month on a copper land line on down to $29.99/year for VOIP dial tone and all of the units from all the providers can ring 5 mechanical ringer 2500-style desk sets or wall phones. Anyone else keeping analog land lines in the house? Or...
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    SL-rated Subaru

    So, I'm getting a 2004 Subaru, 2.5L, Subaru wants several oils, 5W30, 10W30, 10w40, all in SL with SJ acceptable ILSAC GF3. Mostly, I guess I'll run 5W30. So you guys with older engines, are you dosing with ZDDP, running an HDEO, or just using the new oils with confidence? This one has new head...
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    Decoding Vin Numbers

    How does one go about that? Do they show interiors, special packages, engine versions, or just a model number and not terribly specific after that? I figure there's a color code and model code in there, but who knows what else?
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    "New" 2004 Subaru Outback 4cyl?

    Hey guys and gals! It's been awhile since last I was here, I went awhile without a car (subways, city living, etc) and now I'm coming into possession of a 2004 Outback wagon 4-cyl/5-speed with 120K. It's a one-owner car from the ski-regions of Vermont. I've spoken to the dealer, gave him the VIN...
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    Anyone diggin' the Gold and Silver leaps?

    Every time I refresh APMEX, gold is up another 5.00 and silver another dime. Go figure! <img src="/forums/graemlins/20.gif" alt="slobber" title="slobber" height="30" width="15" />
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    Silly Lexis commercial..

    Anyone watching the Ryder's? They keep running this Lexis commercial, blue Lex drives past drums with sensors that tap a row of snare drums as it goes by, followed by a weenie power slide on waxed and wet concrete.. Stoopid commercial.. Or is it just me?
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    Elantra Touring SE

    Pulled the trigger on an Elantra Touring last month, drove from New England to Tampa, haven't seen a single one besides mine. Anyone have one? Traded an 08 Accent sedan for it. BIG difference in everything, especially the gadgets and comfort. My first automatic transmission ever, too. But they...