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    About Mobil full synthetic and Engine noise

    Not all Mobil1 cause ticking noise at start up. I run M1 Tri-synthetic 5w30 in a Honda Accord up to 270k k.m with no noise whatsoever even in cold -20C. However, M1 5w20 always make noise at start up on Honda Odyssey (feel like engine start with no oil pump up, same Fram synthetic oil filter...
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    Pennzoil Platinum with PurePlus Technology Q&A

    i bought the new PP 5w20 at $27CAD after 40% discount. in the back of the new jug, there is no ACEA certification whatsoever. the old PP, QSUD or M1 of the same category they all have A1/B1 or at least A1. is it reasonable to conclude that the new PP is an inferior product compare to the old one...
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    Quaker State Filter

    up here QS14612 regular price at Canadian Tire is $7.46 Fram EG7317 OCOD is $6.67. However, Wal-mart Canada recently stop carrying Fram and have Purolator and Bosch instead. Purolator classic is $4.89 while Bosch premium is &7. Wal-mart never have the filters "on special" but Canadian Tire now...
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    Wal-Mart Canada - bye bye Fram, hello Purolator

    i've checked the Purolator and Bosch at WM. compare it with Fram EG 7317,they are longer in size, seem to be heavier. Bosch have silicon ADBV. they both have higher quality than Fram EG for sure and the Purolator is $ 2cheaper . so if the manufacturer decided to lower the quality down a bit, i...
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    Valvoline Synpower vs PP

    please note that the oils that are "on special" at WM Canada do not necessarily have the same specs. as those on regular price. (yes. i always think that it is financially unfeasible to run two production lines but i was wrong) i never noticed that until i checked the oil section recently. one...
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    READ PLEASE! 5w20 vs 5w30 engine life? opinions ?

    i had been using 5w30 on the 2002 Odyssey where manufacture recommended 5w20 cause i had a stash of 5w30. the engine was extremely quiet and smooth. even when i've got rid of it, the van had 270k km on it and the engine still run like new(i used mostly PP, M1 5w30 and Fram OCOD due to...