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    Cars built during the Covid pandemic

    I bought a "pandemic built" car. The Alfa was built, in Italy, in Nov 2020. It currently has over 7k miles, and hasn't caused me a moment of grief. With most cars being built today, as many assembly jobs are done by robots as possible. The frames are welded by robots, painted by robots, and it...
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    Opinions: 2012 Mazda 3

    Reread how you wrote that word, and completely compare it to how it was written in the other posts. Now, reread his post. Hopefully you identified the joke this time. :) BC.
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    16 sonata no drivers headlight ( Hyundai techs?)

    If you don't know how to test circuits with a test light, or a volt meter, then you should let your fiance's friend spend the $130 in order to get the problem diagnosed and corrected by a professional. It could be as simple as a bad ground that needs to have corrosion cleaned up, and will cost...
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    Dealership Mess Up?

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds Ford Boss Me to be overly abrasive for no reason. I made the mistake of asking a question once, and it turned out that 1 other person asked the same question, several days before me, and was 100+ posts deep in the comments, so I didn't see it, and he bit...
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    Ford stock hit a 20 year high today.

    I bought a small bunch of shares of Ford in 2017 and 2018, so my total cost basis per share is $9.71. I used the dividend payments from my company stock shares in order to buy these shares, so pretty much free money for me, and my whole point was to use my dividend payments to buy stocks that...
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    Americans and their garages.....

    My 4 car garage contains 3 cars, 4 motorcycles, a lawn mower, a snow blower, and tons of extra stuff that keeps the house and vehicles running. The vast majority of my neighbors park at least 1, if not all of their cars out on the street, which I just can't understand. We get hailstorms here in...
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    Huge fires in Colorado 500+ houses burn

    My sister's house is most likely gone. My old boss lost his house. Several other past and current coworkers have lost their homes.
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    Continental Pure Contact LS singing

    What do E Class spark plug issues and Tiguans have to do with a noisy Continental tire thread?
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    New car gouging

    In this case, the person who was doing the buying IS a resident of CA, the dealer that the car was bought at was in CA, and was going to GIFT the car to a resident of WA. The car would then be driven from CA to WA. Sales tax and registration is required to be collected in this case. If the CA...
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    New Control Arms Causing Vibration

    Yup. I understand how your first impression about out of round rotors is with brake pulsation while brakes are applied, but they can also transfer vibrations through the brake pads, then through the calipers, and into the steering knuckle, making you think that you have a vibration coming from a...
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    New Control Arms Causing Vibration

    Personally, I would check to see if there's a rotor on the car that has an issue. I've tracked many a vibration down to brake rotors in need of a cleanup cut.
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    8/80 Federal Emissions Warranty

    Ahh, a Ford car product with random drivetrain and electrical issues. Reminds me of my mom's '85 Topaz. I now understand why you washed your hands of it. :) BC.
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    Question for Skyactive-G experts and fanboys

    I would recommend the Pennzoil Platinum 0W-20, and an OEM Mazda filter, with oil changes every 5k miles. My 2014 CX-5 is approaching the 90k mile mark, and still runs perfectly after nearly 9 full years.
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    8/80 Federal Emissions Warranty

    So you sold a car because a $30 part went bad? With how many different dealers there are here in Colorado that you didn't even try taking it to a different one to get service? Okay then.
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    Snow tires on RWD vehicle

    I had an '07 Nissan Altima (FWD & Manual) that had the OEM Continentals and then Fuzion Hri tires, and then later had a 2011 Mazda RX-8 Sport (RWD, LSD, and Manual) with Hankook i*Cept Evo snow tires, and the Mazda RX-8 was way, way, way better in the snow that the Altima with either one of...
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    Only 7,700 miles on a 2018 vehicle, and the rear shocks are bad?
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    How are some of these dealerships even keeping the lights on?

    My god, the amount of misinformation and just lack of knowledge of how internet ads, and cookie monitoring works is just sad. First off, yes, there is a whole lot of information that is processed through Facebook, Google, AppNexus, Amazon, Epsilon, Polk, and others, and get processed by a...
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    Mazda CX-5 - Direct Injection?

    Man, it sure is a good thing that you found out about the car having DI before you considered buying one. Now you won't have to buy a car so good, people only ever talk about how much they like it, instead of talking about how the fuel injection system isn't causing carbon buildup because Mazda...
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    Best/Worst vehicles to change the oil&filter on?

    Just did the oil change on my wife's 2012 Abarth today. You just need to remove the plastic air tube in the picture there, along with the rubber hose that it feeds to the turbo, and you can reach down and access the oil filter cap perfectly fine. I also performed the first oil change on the...
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    7 Years & 40k Service/OCI

    I don't know about 25 years. The power grid doesn't burn to the ground everytime people cook dinner on their electric stoves, or run their vacuum cleaners at the same time the electric dryer and the air conditioner are running. The amp load of a normal electric car aren't that much greater than...