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    Shell Rimula R4 X 15w40 , zddp level ?

    Hello What approx zddp level in this ? ( I note the SL ,so presume ok in petrol engine ,'70s Mustang V8 ) Shell Rimula R4 X 15w40 API CI-4 , CH-4 ,CG-4 , CF-4 , SL ACEA E7 , E5 , E3
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    1970s Ford V8 oil recommendation please ?

    Hi all, Looking for oil recommendation ,I'm in Ireland so don't have all the options available in US Temperature 20F - 80F approx ,not too hot or cold ! My local shop has Valvoline durablend 10w 40 synthetic/mineral blend ...
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    M Benz bypass oil filter

    '30s flathead 6 cylinder , filter unit is mounted on bulkhead.
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    M Benz bypass oil filter

    old MBenz with auxiliary bypass oil filter (modified with modern spin-on filter inside) - There are 3 fittings on it 1 ) inlet which comes from engine 2 ) return to engine which has an approx 1.2mm restrictor hole & connects to the centre of the spin-on 3 ) outlet which leads to a T...