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    Would mobil1 0w40 be too thick for a 09 sonata?

    My wife drives about 100 miles a day total to and from work. I was useing castrol edge 10w30 until they changed to this new titanium version so the last oil change was M1 EP 5w30 and the motor seems a lot more noisy. I'm kicking around the idea of useing M1 0w40 but I'm not sure if that would...
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    09 sonata with 45k on OEM hankook what new tire?

    So my wifes car has the OEM tires with 45k. The tires have lasted a long time for OEM but I'm thinking of replacing with Goodyear comfortred touring. Anyone have experiance with these? I also don't know if I should push these tires till they are bald or just switch now? Since its my wifes...
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    Chevy Cruze eco 6sp manual vs. VW Golf TDI auto

    I'm looking at these two cars and its getting hard for me to decide. They get roughly the same gas milage, the VW is about 5k more, the VW has free service till 36k, the VW has better resale value. The Cruze parts are less expensive and easily availible, its 5k less, its made in America. What...
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    Anyone have a GM OLM or OLM I/II plan?

    I'm going to buy a Chevy Cruze eco with the 1.4T and they mentioned throwing in one of these plans. My only concern is if they use synthetic or not?? I would think that the 1.4 would need synthetic with the turbo. Does anyone have these plans? How has it worked out? link to what I'm...
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    Does Dexron VI last 100k?

    So I found out that the "lifetime" ATF in my BMW is Dexron VI. Will that last till 100k or is 50k a better choice? Also would a drain and fill be ok or is a whole pan drop with new filter what I should do?
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    What ATF for GA6L45R automatic?

    So I just found out that my BMW 328i has a French GM GA6L45R transimission. How do I find out what ATF that takes? All the specs I see when I look it up are for the ZF transmission.
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    CPO BMW missing lug nut!

    So yesterday I was washing and waxing my certified pre owned 328i that I've had for a few weeks and I notice that there is a lug nut missing! What the heck! I ark in my garage and have barely drove the car 400 miles since I've had it so it must have been missing from the dealership! I thought...
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    Gold class paste or liquid?

    I've settled on the Meguiars gold class wax but if im hand applying which is easyer to apply? Also which will last longer and look better?
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    Bosch distance plus anygood?

    I changed the oil in my Sonata last weekend. I always have used Hyundai filters and I love them but I paid a little under $5 for them from my dealer now I've moved and the dealer here wanted $9. Thats not too much but it just made me mad that I was being ripped $4 plus the parts counter guy...
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    Meguires Professional Quick Detailer?

    I have a Mr. clean car wash near my house and they are offering a wash, interior clean, tire and wheel shine and orbital wax for $49. I called and asked what wax they use and its Professional Quick Detailer from meguires. <a href=""...
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    Anyone running M1 0w40? BMW 5w30 vs. Mobil1 0w40

    I found some M1 0w40 on sale and wated to know how its working out for people that have used it in newer BMW's? Or to phrase it differently if I can buy BMW oil for $8 a quart and M1 for $6 a quart wich one should I use?
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    Anyone use PU 5w40 in a newer BMW yet?

    I have an 08 328i and have the free mainentance but was tossing around the idea of doing some in between changes with PU euro to clean anything that might be in there. Anyone have good results? Is this oil really that good at cleaning?
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    GC for a 09 sonata?

    So I've been useing edge 10w30 and its great! My OCI is always 7500 for warrantee reasons. I was thinking of trying the GC just to see if there is a difference. It should be fine as the car says 5w20, 5w30, or 10w30 when above 0F. GF-3 or 4 and SL,SM or above. So Im good there but what do...
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    ATF aftermarket vs. OEM

    I've been on this site for a while and used a lot of its advice. In my last honda I dumped the Z1 and used Castrol import multi vehicle. It helped a lot! It seems everyone (almost) on here seemes to like the way their car shifts better with aftermarket fluids. Why is that? We dident build...
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    08 bmw 328i Lifetime fill ATF and diff??

    So I just got a certified used 328i with about 45k on it and they say the ATF and diff is a lifetime fill? Is that something that most BMW owners go by? Its hard to find accurate info. I did see some pics of people changing the ATF and there is a large warning sticker on the pan that says not...
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    Mercedes c240 with 70K what needs to be done?

    So I'm thinking about buying a 04 Mercedes c240 with 70k and I need to know what needs to have been done at this point or by 100k. I'm thinking about puting all these things in the offer: Change oil Flush power steering Flush brake fluid Flush coolant Change ATF and filter Change spark plugs...
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    I guess I never knew they sold oil in gallons????

    So I just moved to Atlanta from portland Oregon. I had been useing edge in my honda element but I cant seem to find any at a resonable price here so I figured I'd go back to PP. I went down to advance auto parts (dont have those in portland) and got a jug of PP. After I changed the oil it...
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    Anyone know the new stats on the GF-5 PP 5w30?

    Just trying to get the CsT #s for PP. Their site data is down or something.
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    Oreck vacuum? Any good?

    So I currently have a Dyson Animal (the purple one) when it was new it worked great and come to think of it, it still does BUT I have cleaned the little sponge filter a few times and taken the cannister off and cleaned it in the dishwasher but all the tubes and the funny whirlwind thing on the...
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    So anyone useing honda DW-1 in a older honda yet?

    I just wanted to see if this has been done yet and if there was any official clarification that this is ok?