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    20w50 apologist?

    Mid-1980s the 20w50 advocates were thick as fleas (me included). Any hold-outs out there still running it in their daily driver? (as my other post states - I'm steadily increasing the mix in my Sienna w/ 20w50 for a remedy test on a consumption issue).
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    Bored. Dropped ST 20w50 (1 qt) into the Sienna

    My '98 Sienna is showing it's age - consumption around 1qt/1k mile lately. Been running a mix of 5w20 and 30wts (mostly 20). Also had 8oz of Moly EP oil treatment from Schaeffers in. Still had high consump. So I just topped off w/ 1 full qt Wally ST 20w50. It's fun thinking about the issue...
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    Schaeffers Neutra 131 vs Neutra Purging 292

    I've used 131 for years (occasionally in gas, occasionally in crankcase for 1k mile flush runs). Does 292 have any real advantage over 131 as a cleaner?
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    thicker oil causes valve seal damage (?)

    Found this post on the MMO forum - "If you go thicker, you risk wearing out your valve guide seals at the least, and valves at the most. Staying with the recommended oil viscosity, except high mileage, seems to work well. I went 185K on 10-30W, and it still did not need additional oil between...
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    CAFE vs. Ethanol - who wins?

    You go to 0w20 looking for 2% mpg increase. The following consumer reports link describes a highway mpg test in a Tahoe. Straight gas got 21 mpg. Gas+ethanol got 15 mpg. <a href=""...
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    PU 0w20 - when ?

    I'm about to procure my next jug of PU 5w20. But would druther have PU 0w20 if it's about to go to market. Any word here ?
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    Dura-seal vs. Bar Leaks

    I have an '06 Mazda 6 which apparently has a very slow coolant leak into the engine oil. Last two UOAs showed inexplicable trace sodium which Blackstone warned may be from coolant. I am also losing 12 to 16oz coolant per 12 to 15k miles. So to be safe, I am considering a sealant. The only two...
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    BITOG latest consensus on ST Dino

    So I was just posting in another thread how I thought it was almost insulting for some oil co.s to charge %50 more for a jug of dino than (eg) ST. If I were a short OCI'r I would be tempted to buy ST just to spite those other companies, and because I think ST is excellent for 5k and less...
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    '06 Mazda 6 Pennz. Ultra 5w20 12.8k miles

    This fill went in first wkend of July 2010. Application is 95% wife hauling kids everywhere in West Little Rock, AR. Sump capacity - 4.2 qts 1/2 qt top off (w/ PU 5w20) in late January. Wix Air Filter (from Amsoil) on it's second year of duty. Wix Oil Filter (cartridge from Amsoil)...
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    Ultra worries past 12.5k miles

    My fill of PU 5w20 is in its home stretch. Dropped it in first wkend of July 2010. Just went past 12k miles. Haven't decided whether to put it to rest the first wkend of June, or to take it to the one year mark (July). It's been pushed hard - mostly kid hauling - dropping my kids at two schools...
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    Ultra Worry past 10k ?

    I've been gone a while, but I'm back for answers. My 06 Mazda 6 (w/ about 82k) is approaching 10k miles on this fill of Ultra 5w20. Filled last July. 1/2 qt top up so far. Vehicle runs daily to two different schools, piano lessons, wrestling practice, groceries, etc. Typically on the road for...
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    Sniffed the PU

    Dropped 4.2 QTs of Penzoil's finest into my Mazda 6 yesterday. Then I smelled the remaining oil in the jug. It doesn't smell like oil. It doesn't smell like a petro product. How did they do that. This stuff has been extremely processed (for better I trust). Also, I know this is subjective, but...
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    25,000 mile OCI roll call

    This should be a short thread - So, who's done it ? First up - Me. EricthePig. Did it in 1995. '88 Mazda 323 (sump 3.8 qts). Amsoil 10w40. Amsoil filter chged at 6mo. Took right at about 1 yr. Sold the car last yr, running great.
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    Any unique OCIs ?

    So there's the uniform interval folks - OCIs every 5k, or twice/yr, etc. But does anyone run non-uniform OCIs ? I do - My present comfort level OCI (w/ my Mazda 6) is - top shelf synth from late Summer to late Spring (under 12k miles, ~9 months), then good dino for the 3 months of Summer (I...
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    two oil chges. two results.

    I've had my oil "professionally" changed perhaps five times in the last 20 yrs. On one of these occassions, at an OTASCO here in Little Rock (perhaps 18 yrs ago) - the oil nut fell off the next day (in the first 20 miles of an out of town trip). So that's about 1 out of 5 ending badly. This...
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    Schaeffer 5w20 - really black!

    I have some experience running Schaeffers in my Sienna - I noticed that the 15w40 was turning dark very quickly compared to other oils used in the Sienna. But I (normally a long OCI guy) never ran long OCIs with it there, so it didn't become a concern. I'm now running Sch. 5w20 in my '06 Mazda...
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    Sienna Trans. Jump

    Quick background - '98 Sienna. Running M1 ATF for many years now. Couple months ago put in 3 qts Schaeffers Synth ATF (which I know is relatively thin). Everything was fine (except the trans has a slight buzz noise often just before shifting - doing this for the past year). Last wkend had a...
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    Flush vs. drain/fill

    I haven't haunted this ATF forum much (if at all) in my years on BITOG - but now I humbly enter here with a question. I did a bit of searching (not much) and didn't see this discussed - I have 60k on a Mazda 6i (auto trans) - fluid never chged - looks a bit brown - I read on a Mazda forum that...
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    more sister vehicle crud

    The other thread on "sister vehicle crud" has spurred me to report my own recent findings - I was in Oklahoma City for the 4th - offered to chg my sister's oil in her '02 Honda CRV. My sister sold her '95 Camry two years ago - she put 320k miles on it - claimed she did 3k OCIs - still running...
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    Rotella 15w40 vs. Amsoil 15w40

    (perhaps this test has already been posted - I didn't see it in looking at a couple of pages of this particular forum) So I'm reading the latest edition of "Action News" - an Amsoil pub. Given to me by my friend who is an Ams. rep. Amsoil has a full write-up of a test they did in garbage...