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    What does this JT&K 1942, 1943, and 1944 stand for? I find it on army weaponry, bags, holsters, slings, and other soft military items. Even the reproductions advertise the moniker on their offerings. Anyone?
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    Maintenance required light

    Was just handed an ‘05 Camry four banger with the maintenance light on. I asked about an owners manual, and was told no. Is anyone familiar with the reset procedure?
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    Pennzoil Rebate FAIL

    $50 rebate for use as a hotel voucher. Purchased product at an approved named store, submitted application in a timely fashion, received a statement from Penzz that it was received, and now they say declined. THAT particular store, although on the “approved” list, decided not to participate...
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    How to locate TDC on an OPE?

    As title states, How?
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    Toro cold weather snow blower oil

    Just ordered a new Toro single stage and was pleased it came with a 4 cycle engine. Supplier suggested using Toro cold weather snow blower oil. I had never heard of it, and I’ll find the viscosity and hopefully the certifications when it arrives. Anyone have any thoughts?
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    Product array

    Wow. Went looking for a detailer spray to work with my new clay bar. I thought I was in the library of Congress. Forty feet of linear display, four shelves high. I had no idea car care had so many products. i bought Turtle wax ICE detailer. Choice ok? More appropriate alternative? i was...
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    Bosch Brakes

    Looking to replace pads and rotors this spring/summer on a 2014 Subaru Outback. Anyone have history with Bosch?
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    Air Bag Disarm?

    Received an "Urgent Important Safety Recall" from Subaru. Called the purchasing dealer for service and was told the first appointment available was July 9th ! I made the call April 9th. Notification stated DO NOT drive with a passenger in the front passenger seat. Can I disable the passenger...
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    2019 Pacifica - worth a look?

    Young family wants a van for Mom and her three kids. Dad likes Mopar, so I get the research duty. Anyone know something to avoid or a must -have ? They want ten years plus, and will probably average 10k a year. I can't see the benefit of a hybrid in that scenario, but that's me. Thoughts?
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    Brake noise diagnosis

    '07 RAV4 with lots of Raybestos pad front and back makes a grinding noise when coming to a complete stop, but only for the last ten feet. The brakes work well, have about 10 k on them, and upon inspection showed no areas of shiny metal, shavings anywhere, nor areas of unusual heat. Where should...
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    Heat, tpms, Continental True Contacts

    Hope this is the right forum subsection, if not, mods please move correctly. After 9000 four season miles, I got a tire warning light yesterday on the interstate. Checked all four tires and they seemed sound. Rechecked after the night, and they read 32 front, 30 rear, and the spare was at 32. As...
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    Castrol site now says their 5w30 is full synthetic. Did they change the formula or is that old stuff that I have accumulated rated semi synth actually a full synth?
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    Lifetime replacement

    I'm approaching 45k and five years in a '12 Avalon, "sealed trans". Debating using the WS from Toyota vs. Redline D6. Friend has an exchange machine, so only the leveling at correct temperature will be the task. He is a retired Toyota tech, so the work will be straightforward. So he tells me...
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    Braking coefficient

    I'm shopping brake pads and can't seem to find a source that publishes the letter stamped brake coefficient for a given pad. Other than opening boxes and reading stamped letters at the store, is there a way to compare these?
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    Reference points

    I watched over a dozen YouTube how to's on brake jobs. I learned back in the day to use a tire crayon and mark the wheel, rotor, and hub to reinstall in the same wheel lug pattern. Avoids high and low spots, uneven ride, noise, etc. Especially important when the rotors were turned. Is this a...
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    Heated leather seats

    Is there a specific product or procedure for conditioning and/or cleaning heated leather seats? I figured you guys would know. Thanks.
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    Shopping Subaru 2013 Outback

    H6 vs H4 ?
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    First coat

    Production date of my new Avalon is 10/11/12. I'm thinking Klasse AIO followed by a layer of Collinite 845. My question is how soon? Is that a decent plan? Color is Pearl White. Thanks - I'm not very knowledgeable about paint care and products. Please suggest if you have thoughts.
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    Trading my '02 Avalon for a '12 Avalon Limited. Lots of toys. They want to change my oil for free @5k,10k,15,and 20k. I'm considering using my own 5w30 syn after their gratuities. Anyone see a problem with that regimen? Benefits? Things to look for in the new vehicle other than an expected...
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    Hopefully no truth here...

    ASM Engine Oil Quick reference Chart Toyotas, but holy moly (sorry), say it ain't so Joe! (You have to google it)