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    19 Ram V6 oil change.

    0w20 is what I saw also. I use pennzoil ultra platinum in my pentastar.
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    Cracked rim - tire wouldn't hold air

    I have seen quite a few alloy wheels crack like that, I've also seen people fix them by welding the crack together. It's aluminum or alloy so I think you'd need someone who is able to weld aluminum.
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    Any usable automotive paint strippers these days?

    They have removed, what I think is called, methalyne chloride, and ever since then, the paint strippers don't really work all that well. I used some Rust-Oleum aircraft remover I think it was called, that worked pretty well. I guess methalyne chloride was pretty bad for peoples health if they...
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    Long trip: driving has changed

    Or, on certain interstates that's have a minum speed limit, someone going below that obstructing traffic. Best to maintain speed in my opinion, not way faster than traffic, but also not way slower either.
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    Sticking with one brand

    I have used a whole bunch of different brands, but will usually use Pennzoil for the "daily drivers" and Redline for my "race cars". Not that Pennzoil would be bad in a track car, I've just had good luck with redline for that usage. Tend to only buy fluids from either of those two brands, thats...
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    What is a good enhanced capacity filter for a 1994 Z28 LT1

    Do you know the Fram PH30 is the stock size filter? If it is the Fram PH5 sized filter should fit. Or the XG5 ultra synthetic. The Fram racing HP4 fits vehicles that the PH30 and PH5 fit. Wix 51061 is the Wix version of the PH5/XG5.
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    Post your latest oil change

    Roller. But I also have another that is a flat tappet and use the same oil and filter.
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    Post your latest oil change

    1986 camaro, "built" small block. Redline 10w40 and a fram hp4 racing filter.
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    Change type of oil or not.

    Whether it's a high mileage or not, I personally would switch over to a full synthetic if it were mine. I use full syn in all my vehicles, new or old, except my 84 k10, I don't just because the 350 is a worn piece of just and burns so much oil
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    When did 0W-30 and 5W-30 Appear in the Market?

    My 1986 camaro had 5w30 printed on the oil cap and as the only option in the owners manual. My 1985 camaro has 5w30 listed aswell as a few other viscosity options like 10w30 and 15w40.
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    427w Oil Recommendation

    What I personally use in my racing engines is redline 10w40 and a fram racing oil filter.
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    Oil breaking in a 454

    What I usually do on the engines I build is prime the oil system with a tool on a drill and then use a 10w30 break in oil and start the engine and rev it to around 2000 rpm, even if it's a full roller engine I still do a "flat tappet" style break in for about 15 minutes. Then I'll drain it and...
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    Flat tappet 350

    Valvoline vr1 10w30 full synthetic is available, and also the redline high performance oils have a good amount of zddp for flat tappet cams, they have the redline in 10w30 but I like 10w40 in my chevy small blocks.
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    Flickering oil light

    You said always has plenty of oil but always double check the level if the light comes on. Next would probably be a sending unit. Could be the actual sending unit, or something with the connector to the sending unit, almost broken wire, or ground or something like that. If all that checks out...
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    Racing filters

    These are the fram racing hp4 filters that I use on 2 of my camaros. They flow better that all the other Fram filters, but filter the worst. 94% efficiency and 20 microns, which still isn't bad filtration compared to some other filters, Steel end caps and spiral center tube, and the can is also...
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    Jeep oil and SuperTech

    My jeep 4.0 has 210k and I've put in every oil from cheap valvoline 10w30 to redline 10w40 and honestly the 4.0 will do great on a cheap conventional 10w30. It doesn't need a higher zinc oil, it does fine on the modern stuff, but I'm currently using valvoline vr1 10w30 because it makes me feel...
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    who made this??

    correct, not Valvoline made but they have a "agreement" with Valvoline to use their part numbers and advertise them as their own. they are somewhat decent filters, boss uses them on his 600 hp 454 chevelle with no issues.
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    who made this??

    That's a oil filter from a Monro Muffler Brake. They use valvoline part numbers for most of their oil filters.