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    Drain time, PPM of each drop?

    In the quest for cleaner oil and engine life I'm trying to determine the parts per million of dirty oil and using "fuzzy" math I'm looking for a challenge to my answer. Various searches indicate that there is approx. 680 drops of oil to an oz. ? So 680 X 32 X 5 = 108,800 drops in a 5 qt. system...
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    Fuel Economy

    Here's a good link and discussion about future fuel economy. When I first read it I thought the 1L designation was for engine size but its about going 100 KMs/Litre (267 MPG). <a href=""...
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    This is still on BOGO at ADVANCED here in the Northeast. I looked at Virgin Analysis' and it looks like this may be just an average oil?? At my stage I've determined that, for the most part, FREE things are usually WORTH the price paid! Is that the case here as well? Thanks for any in-put!
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    Fram... TOUGH GUARD

    I realize nobody here willfully uses a FRAM, but I'm curious if the TOUGH-GUARD uses the same glued endcaps, or are they of a different design? If anyone here has used their filter cutting tool on one, I would be interested. Thanks!
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    Sluggish Power Steering @ Idle

    Would a change to synthetic in an 18 year old truck be worth it or is it probably pump re-placement time for an old G. M. product?
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    89 GMC Sierra 1500 4X4

    People of BITOG, I am looking at this vehicle and don't know too much about them other than they seem to be survivors. If any of you have any experience with this genre truck, your in-put would be valuable. It's an aotomatic w/ 5.0L. Thanks !!
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    Great Link for any NUBES

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    Ariens Sno-Blowers

    Anyone on here with a machine thats 20years or older? We have had no snow up here yet and there isn't any in sight. I need some good war stories of older machines to keep me interested in my 1 owner "77 model as I suspect in a few weeks there will be many new units for sale at a price that I...
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    B & S OHV engine

    Bitogers, I just bought a new Toro Super-Recycler walk-behind mower and have several questions: 1. I bought a new filter and will change after 5 hours. When the parts guy sold me the filter he said it cross-referenced with Kawasaki. I s this 6.5 OHV engine really made by Kawasaki? 2. I can go...
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    Is college worth the cost?

    Tonite (8.27.06) on the Fox News Channel there is a special that all Bitogers with teens should watch. Its on at 8:00PM EST and the authority on this subject ANNA KAMENENTZ is one of the guests. It may help you and your children avoid a mountain of useless DEBT.
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    B & S 8 HP Failure

    Trying to "save" any Bitogers with this engine. Had this on a TORO 8-32 *17 years) rider mower and always took excellent *or so I thought} care of it. Changed oil half way through season and at end, always ran dry of fuel, kept all parts lubed etc. However I had been adjusting the high speed...
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    Low Oil Level Sensor

    I was just reading about Hondas and their oil consumption in a previous thread and with all their high tech variable valve timing etc.,why can't they have a simple sensor so when vehicle is at rest it would measure oil level? Many vehicles have a low washer fluid sensor, but knowing ones' oil...
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    Distilled Water

    I'm currently purchasing distilled water for vehicle cooling systems. I run a de-humidifier in the basement and I'm wondering if this is just as good as the distilled that I pay for?