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    Esso XD3 is no more...mostly

    I am copying and pasting a post I just put in another thread in the PCMO diesel cars/vans/suvs section. I feel this needs some more exposure. Ok so I was at my Bulk dealer today and... Yes the XD3 0W-40 is no longer, it is Mobil Delvac 1 ESP but still at the XD3 prices. The only XD3 oil left...
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    Thoughts on 0w-30 year round in 6.0L PSD

    I am contemplating using 0w-30 year round in my 05 Excursion with a 6.0L Powerstroke, I will be using XD3, T-5 or PC Duron. Factoring in my location, no towing this winter and weekend towing from spring to fall (4 horse trailer or 30' TT)), what are your thoughts?
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    My bulk dealer says no more Delvac 1???

    I was on the phone with my Esso bulk dealer looking for some D1. He said that it is soon to be discontinued and replace solely with D1 ESP (in Canada at least). Does anybody have any more info or my dealer just misinformed?
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    Found Shell Rimula at my local UFA

    I was looking for a dino oil I could use for an OCI with ARX in my 6.0 powerstroke so I hit up the CO-OP first and then UFA. In my search I find Shell Rimula in 2 flavors 10w-30 and 14w-40 and they are the cheapest HDEO oil on the shelf there $15/5L jug at UFA. I remember reading posters here...
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    Auto-Rx in a 6.0 Powerstroke

    I have 3 bottles of ARX in my closet and I was wondering if anybody has any experience with it in my application? I am buying a used one 04 or 05 soon. I figured run it first thing as soon as I get the Excursion.
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    Getting a 6.0 powerstroke and have some XD3 0w-30

    Like the title says I am getting an 04 or 05 Excursion with the PSD 6.0. I still have 15L of 0w-30 XD3, does anybody see a problem using it? Would you save it for the winter and just get some CO-OP 0w-40 for the summer, or what would you use for the summer?
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    +4 ATF in a t-case that calls for Mercon

    I have a ford explorer with a BW-1354 t-case and I was wondering out loud if I could use +4 in it, owners manual calls for Mercon. I ask because I have lots of the stuff and it would be easier than running to the parts store 45 miles away to get something synthetic.
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    Using ATF to clean an engine

    I am having a heck of a time trying to get the search function here to get me any results on this topic. I remember seeing the odd thread here on guys thinking adding a qt of ATF will help clean the engine. Can somebody point me in the right direction. I know using ATF is a total waste of time...
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    Lucas UCL and the cold

    I was going to town to get a gas can filled up for my truck and brought the bottle of Lucas and put it in the back of the van for the 20 mile trip to town. I should also say that the outside temp is -34C. Right next to the Lucas is my litre bottle of 2 cycle snowmobile oil. I get to town to...
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    Lucas Videos, where did they go?

    When we got out new homepage where did the videos go with showing the Lucas added to the oil? Also can anybody else get the videos of the timkin tests to work on their comp? They won't play on mine
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    So I was updating my signature (bought a new used 02 Grand Caravan)and came to realize that 2 of 3 vehicles I own are currently on GTX. So far the the 09 fusion loves it! (first dino run with the ford 2.3L, I leased an 06 fusion and ran nothing but syn in it) The Caravan sounds the same as it...
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    ZDDP in different oils(SM, SL, SJ...)

    I came across an add for <a href="" target="_blank"></a> (I know its not a BITOG sponsor) and now I have some questions. 1) is this stuff worth the bottle it's put in? 2) What are the max allowable ZDDP levels in SM, SL, SG and in the HDEO's...
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    Super Tech transmission fluid?'s

    I am wondering if the super tech transmission fluid will work in a tranny that needs Mercon V ATF? My buddy wants to do the cheapest fluid swap he can on his 03 ford escape.
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    49 North Lubricants

    Has anybody used 49 North oils before? I found a 0W-30 they have that has a cold pour point of -59C! QUALITIES 49 North® 100% Full Synthetic Arctic Grade Engine Oils provide outstanding thermal and oxidative stability ensuring the long-term integrity of the product even after repeated cold...
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    Who has dropped the FF after 1000mi and their resu

    I have my stash of PP 0w-20 ready for my new car and I am very close to the 1000mi mark. I am just wondering how many guys have dropped the FF and gone to a full syn and their results.
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    1300km on new car and this...

    I have been waiting months for my 09 ford fusion to come in (special order). Ordered it oct 10 got it jan 8. I have been reading up on warm up times, looking for the best oil for the climate out here and anything else i can do to make this car last as long as possible. I am gonna try a Counter...
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    Super Tech 0w-30 (western Canada) who makes it?

    I was browsing the oil wall at a local wal mart (Cold Lake, Alberta) and came across some full syn super tech 0w-30 $23 for 5L. I was wondering who makes that oil and if it is even close to the quality the Esso XD3 0w-30. I love the XD3 in my truck, if i can get it for almost $10 cheaper than...
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    Compatible with Toyota Red?

    Is there any coolants that are compatible with Toyota red long life coolant? I hate asking but i had a heater hose leak and i need to put something in there asap! I am 70 miles from the nearest toyota stealership and they are not open until monday! I am 15 miles from a Bumper to Bumper and...
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    0W-30 or 0W-40 Esso XD in a toyota 22RE?

    I am going to start getting oil for my 1973 Jeep and have decided to try UFA polar plus (Esso XD) 0W-30or40 depending on if i could use it in my 86 toyota truck with a 22RE. I ask this because when i searched on the Amsoil site they reccommended the european syn 5W-40 so i am hoping that the...
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    oil for 1973 jeep J4800 w/360cid

    I am looking for input on what oil, brand and weight. That would be good for my old snow plow. as above it is a 1973 Jeep J4800 truck w/360 V-8 aka Gladiator It is mainly used in the winter as a snow plow for our long driveway (1/2 mile long). There are some small trips in the summer to haul...