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    Tech Considerations for Forum Hosting

    I do independent consulting work that focuses on facilitating groups in decision making and collaboration. I have an opportunity to submit a proposal to a government agency looking to interact with communities in various ways, specifically including an online forum. My impression is that it...
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    Best Journalistic Lead Paragraph

    My nomination - <a href="" target="_blank">German Student Attacks.....</a>
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    True Story

    I'm working out of the house at the moment, and early this afternoon I hear a pretty significant impact occur outside. I live across the street from a church school and they often have delivery and maintenance trucks there making noises, but I have heard no preceeding noises to indicate...
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    More Local Crime News

    <a href="" target="_blank">Be extra careful in Ft. Worth, TX.</a>
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    Another Auto-RX Filter Pic

    Here is a photo of the filter from my 88 F-150, 5.0 liter, taken between the treatment and rinse phases (supposedly there should be even more crud after the rinse). A-RX was applied at 142K into whatever dino I had lying around , and run for 3K. Vehicle has been in my possession for the last...
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    Chain-Type Exhaust Pipe Cutter

    When I worked in a muffler shop (back in another life) they worked quite well.
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    "Reporter"'s Background Finally Being Checked

    This has been a story in the liberal blog world for a week, with no mention in the conventional media. It still hasn't hit the mainstream, but at least other people are now wondering what's up. <a href=""...
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    I want start a health care COST revolution

    What has always bothered me is that you pay the medical profession for EFFORTS, not RESULTS. The medical profession justifies this by saying that they are working with the most complex organism yet devised. That's true enough, but when you look at how much data is available on the human body...
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    How much longer for Cheney?

    I don't think it would happen that way, but it would by nice to see. Hillary: Ms. Rice, what was the headline on that memo? Condi - I believe it was Al Queada plans to use planes to strike U.S.
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    UOA on Tacoma V6- Amsoil 5w30

    The consensus seems to be that copper on this engine will always run a little high, supposedly due to the oil cooler which leeches copper. But by this mileage, the copper on mine was down to 32 (Schaeffer's 10-30 blend, 6K OCIs, high percentage of city driving) . There is a link on the BITOG...
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    Well, they are starting to find WMD in Iraq.

    People in intelligence community only use the term WMD to refer to nuclear weapons. Chemical and biological do not qualify. This is part of the basic misrepresentation that was carried out to justify the war in the first place.
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    More Al Qaeda murders - 16 schoolchildren + 52 others

    When the U.S. kills children you can hardly find it anywhere in the news, but when Al Qaeda does it, it is a front page headline. Must be that "liberal bias".
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    Toyota 3.4, Schaeffer's 10-30 Blend, 5937Miles

    V6 Toyota Tacoma, 14,274 on truck, 5937 on oil. 70% Stop and Go, trips under 6 miles. Schaeffer's 10-30 Blend with 3 oz. Auto-RX, SuperTech filter. First column in results is last interval, also Schaeffer's 10-30 Blend but no A-RX. Silicon is down to 25, from a high of 236 at the 1100 mile...
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    Toyota 3.4, Schaeffer 10-30 Blend, 5200 Miles

    Here is my first run of Schaeffers 703 10-30 blend in my 03 Toyota Tacoma 3.4 Liter. The previous oil was the factory fill, which was taken out at 3100 miles. Miles on truck equal 8337, miles on oil equal 5237. Filter is a short WIX, number not readily available. Engine is apparently...
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    Is there any solid scientific evidence that Mobil 1 is good for extended drains?

    To me, the most convincing evidence on M1's quality is the just posted 10,000 mile interval in a 3.4 Toyota. If it can post those results in that motor, it should be good for extended intervals in almost anything.
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    Toyota 3.4 Liter, Factory Fill, 1061 Miles

    I had this analysis done to shed light on the question of whether Toyota uses special oil for break-in. Miles - 1061, roughly 40% highway, filter is factory, lab is Analysts Inc. I will leave interpretation to others, except to note that viscosity checked out at 20, factory recommendation is...
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    New Toyota - What Would You LIke to See?

    After reading a recent post on the shortage of new vehicle UOAs, I thought I might offer my new vehicle as a test platform. I have a 3 week old 2003 Toyota Tacoma 3.4L, with 800 miles. If I can discern a consensus on what oil(s) to run and when to sample I will be glad to follow those...