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    About done with the local SnapOn truck

    I used to do $20/wk, but that was the mid 1980s I was about 19 when I started. That lasted a few years and got out of the type of work. At present time $25/wk would seem low. You never know maybe something has changed on his end and he can't afford to extend credit as long as he once was...
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    12 Point Sockets...Are You Guilty ?

    I have so many sockets I normally grab the first I find and sometimes its's a 12 point. That said I can't remember the last time I rounded a fastener.
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    Small Engine Fuels VS Non Ethanol Pump Gas

    I rechecked Home Depot's website and they were restocked. I pickedup their brand Power Care which is $3.98 a can if you purchase 8 cans. Some one mentioned it's VP fuels, but I can't find any proof. I have 4 generators to put up after hurricane Ida that was pretty much ran with enthanol pump...
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    Broken ankle - push OCI or pay?

    Get a Mityvac and pull it out through the dip stick in a few weeks without a filter change if you have a quality filter. Otherwise bring it to the dealer.
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    Small Engine Fuels VS Non Ethanol Pump Gas

    What's the difference between the bottled small engine 4 cycle fuels you can buy off the shelves at stores and non ethanol pump gas? Is one better than the other for storing equipment? I was looking online for SEF and Home Depot, Walmart, and Lowes, near me doesn't even have any in stock.
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    Homebrew "Race Fuel"

    I'm sure it's somewhere, but where does one even buy nitromethane? I've never seen it for sale.
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    5w30 in a car spec for 0w16

    Sure design and/or manufacturing error causing lack of lubrication is a factor, but there are lots of these engines with 200K+ miles. The issue is no one buys a new designed engine and knows there are going to be issues. So, would going to a 5w30 benefit avoid oil related failures?
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    5w30 in a car spec for 0w16

    This is random picture of a ford 5.4. I was thinking about the oil passages in the front and rear cam caps. The cap bolts on and the head is not machined to match the cap's oil passage.
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    5w30 in a car spec for 0w16

    Some engines have small oil passages. You never know your engine may too, but I don't know if a 5w30 would be better or worse.
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    2007 FJ Cruiser 61964 miles 5w30 Napa synthetic

    I probably will not use this oil anymore as the same price has increases and Castrol Magnatec is slightly more at Walmart and I can just add it to my food order.
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    Does ATF degrade with time or mileage or both?

    At that age I would change all the fluids, but that's just me.
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    Can thicker oil cause more wear?

    I used 20w50 in a Avalon because the engine had low tension rings and would smoke when taking off at a light. I used the thick oil for years and the car ran fine when I sold it.
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    Dealer says it's time for new brakes

    Is it possible the emergency brake is at a position it trips the switch and not have a drag or maybe she didn't completely release the brake?
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    post your latest transmission lubricant change.

    2006 Tacoma with 113,000 miles. Replaced the filter with a Wix brand and refilled with Maxlife. Ran it with the rears off the ground for about a minute shifting though the gears. Then I drained, refilled and ran a minute through the gears, and repeated three more times until I used 14...
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    Update to SKF bearing thread- bearing recieved pics included

    OK everyone my apologies. It's an NSK bearing not SKF. I don't know what I was thinking. Maybe I should stay off the computer after waking up in the middle of the night. My problem with the bearing is the grease is seeping out of the seal. As you can see in the pictures there is a gap...
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    Update to SKF bearing thread- bearing recieved pics included

    Because of the gap between the seal and the inner race.
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    Update to SKF bearing thread- bearing recieved pics included

    Since I didn't notice an edit option to the original thread. There are no markings on the hard parts. It doesn't seem to be sealing well and the grease seems kind of thin. Anyway, I've sent this to SKF and waiting to hear from them. Seems to be so many fake bearings out there. This is for...
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    Why new car dealers have a bad rep

    I think it's one thing to educate yourself about car prices, but it's a whole different game with everything else about buying a car. Most people are just caught up, the home, work, and kids, to put a lot of thought about buying a new car. The dealerships are so skilled at what they do most...