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    Oil Consumption

    Does operating an engine at high speed interstate travel consume more oil than puttering around the city/suburban use?
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    Paid posters for Auto Rx

    I read on another board that Auto Rx has paid people to join forums and post positive comments regarding their product, and to defend the product when others question it- has anyone ever heard of this? Is it true? Do you think it happened here?
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    New Oil Article

    Has anyone seen the new Consumers Reports{feb 2010} article yet- 2-3 pages talking about synthetic oils,even mentioned Amsoil!!!!
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    Centric Premium Rotors

    Has anyone used these? They are the premium model with the black coated hat- wondering if they are a top quality choice? Concerned that they are made in Taiwan.
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    Oil consumption Non Linear?

    I have noticed something I find baffling....on my 96 Q45 oil consumption is not linear at all- for instance on a fresh fill of Redline 0w-30 oil is 11 ounces low after 2300 miles of use{which I measure and refill} then the next 1000 miles of driving consume 15 ounces....driving pattern is...
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    Charging Battery

    Is there any benefit to periodically {once per month/quarterly etc} using a battery charger to "top off" a car battery that sees daily use in a car that has a correctly operating electrical system? Will it extend the life of a newer battery? Someone told me that alternators rarely charge the...
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    Redline oil deals

    who has the best price on Redline oil these days? I used to get it from myoilsshop, but since they merged with racepartswholesale, they have increased in price. Anyone have any leads on great online/mail order places discounting this currently?
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    Amsoil EA038

    Is this just a rebadged Wix filter for Nissan/Infiniti applications, or truly a superior filter?
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    Redline 5W-30 ,4335 miles,Infiniti Q45 V8

    Blackstone labs al 2 chr 1 iron 8 copper 1 lead 5 tin 0 moly 538 nickel,mag,silver,titanium,potassium,-- all zero boron 13 silicon 9 sodium 14 calcium 2993 magnesium 10 phosp. 1235 zinc 1357 barium 1 visc. 67.2,fuel 0.5,af 0,water 0,insoluable 0.4
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    fluid dilution calculation

    I bought a suction gun to exchange power steering fluid today.I need the formula to figure out how many times to drain/refill to effectivly replace 100% of the old fluid with new-system holds 40 ounces total,and each drain/refill is 8 ounces{20%}any math wizards here?
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    Redline 10w-30 Q45 5046 miles

    Blackstone Labs - Infiniti 4.5 liter V8 149,500 miles on engine 5046 miles on sample al-6 chromium 1 iron 12 copper 2 lead 3 tin 1 moly 535 nickel 1 mag,silver,titanium, all zero potassium 2 boron 14 silicon 11 sodium 16 cal 3260 mag 0 phosp. 1301 zinc 1437 barium 1 visc. 71.7 WHY? flash...
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    Redline 10w-30,Q45 4.5v8-6446 miles

    144,646 miles on vehicle.has had redline oil since 100,000miles-changed every 90 days with 5000-6500 miles on oil-factory oil & air filters-used Mobil 1 from 21,000 miles till 100,000 miles at 5,000 intervals. al-7 chr-1 iron 19 copper 2 lead 10 tin 0 moly 376 nickel,mang.,silver,titanium...