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    2015 Subaru Forester 2.5i Dealer 0w20 M1

    Hi folks! This is my first UOA on our 2015 Forester. The vehicle has 72,000 kilometres (44738 miles), and the oil was drained at roughly 8 months and 7400 kms. (4598) A mix of highway and stop and go/ short trip driving. The fuel was expected, probably contributing to the lower flash...
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    2011 Mini Cooper vs. 2011 Fiat 500

    Hi guys! Looking at a fun second car. Niether will be....or have to be an uber reliable car that will be our primary. I feel like the Fiat is going to be more reliable and is a far simpler car. Both are base model and manual transmission. Any thoughts on reliability? I know the Minis have...
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    oil change interval effect on emissions

    Hi gang, Wondering if anyone had any hard numbers on the effects of oil change intervals and emissions? I know when they used to give you a readout up here, that fresh oil was always best, and that N0x and HC always dropped. I'm thinking about running a green initiative here because we area...
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    1995 VW Van possible synchro issue thoughts?

    Hi guys, A good friend of mine has a mid nintees VW Van with the Audi 5 cyl and a manual transmission. The van runs great, and the transmission shifts fine usually, although third gear has been giving him the odd issue. Under a normal upshift into third it shifts fine....with a very slight...
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    1990s 4.3 cobra I/O wont crank. Help!

    Hi guys, The families boat has a 4.3l cobra I/O and all of a sudden will not turn over. The battery is new and fully charged, accessories work....the ignition switch and tether cutoff both work fine. I've jumped them both with the same result. Theres power getting to the engine, because I...
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    Subaru 2.5i annual oil change?

    Hi guys, My wife and I now have two subarus in the driveway. They both have the same 2.5 NA motor, one being an '08, and the other an '11. We use the wagon on longer trips, which has 50k miles on it, and the impreza has roughly 70k. Both get used primarily around town, BUT get the odd...
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    2001 civic cam plug tooth broke...change filter?

    Hi guys, I changed my cam plug seal which is common for.these engines. A very small piece of plastic fell into my oil and I'm.qondering about changing the filter after a hundred miles or so. I'm assuming it onto cause an issue being such a small (1/4" x 1/4) piece. I pulled the valve cover...
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    Mobil 1 vs Mobil 1 HM in an older (but low mile) car

    Hi guys, I can find Mobil 1 for a great price locally and have been considering going back to it. I just picked up a 2001 Civic with 80k miles. I'm.replacing the vale cover gasket which is leaking, and will be changing the oil. I'll be driving almost 100% highway for work and changing it...
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    Looking at a cheap commuter!

    Hi guys, been digging for a cheap commuter. I have two options at the moment that wont break the bank. Any thoughts on these two? I dont know much about either although the long term reviews have been good for reliability and economy. 2008 Suzuki swift 5 speed. 140k mikes for $1200 2007...
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    Need advice from the boys. Girlfriend wants kids......

    Hi guys, This is a left fielder and a bit personal. I'm 39, and my wife to be is 33. I've been married previously for 14 years and am back on my feet. We've been together for two years and shes amazing. I'm tired...and dealt with fertility struggles in my previous marriage At 39 my...
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    Looking at a list of beaters! any suggestions?

    Hi guys, just throwing this out there. I'm looking at a cheap beater for a second car for us. They're all over the map. Any advice is appreciated!! 2003 Toyota Echo sedan - 140k miles 5 speed manual for $1200 timing chain 1999 Subaru Legacy wagon (2.2 litre!) 4 speed auto 145k miles...
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    Annual drain on Mobil1 5w20 high mileage?

    Hi guys! I don't put any more than 3k miles a year on my.truck, and AM wondering if M1 high mileage would be a good bet on a 2.3 litre run on dino blend for most of it's life. I figured it might help with possible weaker seals instead of going to a straight synthetic.
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    Oil recommendation for 2003 Mazda B2300 (Ranger)

    Hi guys, doing an oil change on my new to me Mazda B2300. it's got 120k miles roughly with unknown maintenance. The truck is in great shape and runs really nicely. I'll be driving short trips of 3 miles each way to work, and two 10 mile highways runs a week. any thoughts on Oil and...
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    Old Volvo - oil light at startup idle...then goes

    Hi guys, I picked up the old Volvo 940 non turbo and the oil light stays on at idle. If I give it a quick shot of gas it goes out and stays out.....until I shut the car off and start it again. Hot or cold....the light stays on at idle....and will eventually go out on its own, but usually...
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    Thinking of buying...1994 Volvo wagon as a DD

    Hi guys! How crazy am I to consider a rust free 1994 Volvo as a daily driver. It has 120k miles and shifts and runs perfectly. It's simple as toast and looks pretty good. 800 bucks takes it. Any thoughts? Ryan
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    Mobil 1 EP vs Castrol Edge ext. for annual change

    Hi guys, I'm going to run annual oil change with either oil. I've started doing higher highway miles and will be roughly 30% city 70% hey Toyota 1zzfe I'm currently running Castrol blend and will run edge if it's track record has been as good as the M1 EP. Roughly 10k miles a year...
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    2006 Toyota Corolla, improved piston ring design?

    Hi guys, Looking at the possibility of buying a 2006 Corolla to replace the versa. The corolla has higher mileage and has the 1.8 liter engine. Was the piston ring design improved after 2002? The car is clean with no rust. Runs smooth. I'm still thinking of keeping the versa....but I'm...
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    Suggestions for a Nissan Versa 1.8 2009 oil and i

    Hi guys, I'm wondering about the Versa I just bought and an oil change interval. It has under 60k miles and I'll drive roughly 10k per year with mostly city driving. I'm gentle on my cars. I'd love to go to 1 year changes but wasn't sure with this engine and a small sump. Thanks. Ryan
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    Best replacement headlight bulbs - Honda Fit

    Hi guys, Quick post for my sister. She's actually stumped me with this one and I'm wondering about a reliable bulb for her headlights. Possibly something a bit cleaner that won't burn out prematurely. Thanks! She'll be keeping an eye on this post. Ryan
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    Direct injection and a long living healthy engine

    Hi guys, I'm posting for a good friend of mine who is looking for a newer car. I've heard a lot about direction inject, some positives, but mainly concerns over deposits and being harder on oil. Is there any reason these engines cant live a long and happy life with good fuel, regular oil...